080 Barcelona Fashion: Second Season with Proposals for the Autumn/Winter

Despite the changes in the 080 Barcelona Fashion still hovering around the question of how will be the future for this essential event within the panorama of Spanish fashion which has been held since July 2007. We know that when he enters politics, partisan interests, and above all, money from through, there is no fashion and art that are worth. A penalty.

Day 1 February 2 David R. Rico photographer in Barcelona and was splendidly portrayed the new trends autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 that he showed on the runway. Trends and proposals which we shall now analyze in detail by each designer.

Justice Ruano 9 PM fall-winter 2011 / 2012: prom dresses

The Andalusian Designer Justice Ruano, who has worked for Mango for more than 11 years, continues to drive your brand designs 9 PM where they dominate dresses Prom and cocktail in which fabrics and embroidery made by hand are some of its characteristic features. Passion for nude color and the colors land on a warm version.

Spectacular dresses with ties at the waist and toreras as a complement. Air lady very well gotten like in black a single sleeve, with pencil skirts tops game, same wallpaper flip clock that Brocade dresses on transparencies and a golden background. Not to mention the skin.

The input color is very measured, fair, more as a detail that highlights the Fund as a key piece. Thus black is covered with geometric designs with bronze colour and grayscale, although most of the time come individually in short dresses perfect for night proposed way strapless or asymmetrical neckline between sequins and layers.

The black appears gold we’ve both seen in other great designers in recent months. A golden perfect for party, in such a way that it comes in a dirty version to avoid shine. The best here are clothing including short dresses long sleeves in form of shelter or the set jacket pants, that’s fantastic.

Miquel Suay autumn/winter 2011 / 2012: pleasure in forms

The Valencian Designer Miquel Suay, renowned collaborator of firms like Duyos, Devota & Lomba or Cymbeline, presents a more free man of its classic clothing, in the same way that a woman wears it most modern form, with form sets broad without trying to never bet by physicist, but more for the convenience.

Alongside these trends options more colourful with the release of fluoride of reds and yellows mixed with very successful geometric dresses. Without leaving aside the point in cardigans combined with big pants with a generous leg width.

Miriam Ponsa autumn/winter 2011 / 2012: industrial style of author

The Catalan Designer Miriam Ponsa also likes to dress up the young woman in a modern way close to the industrial-style by the elaboration of garments and the exhaustive work that makes addressing the material by hand. Proposals seeking an informal style with great success.

The domain of the Gray and black they are two of its features, together with the incorporation of a blue that is never seen in living way but gives cracks of light but in the end joins the general speaking in perfect shape, as well as the platforms of all the models. If I had to stay with something would do with the knitwear, fantastic.

Txell Miras autumn/winter 2011 / 2012: total black look

Black became the second day of the 080 Barcelona Fashion from the hand of the designer Txell Miras, firm that also paraded on the catwalk London Fashion Week from On/Off. A total black which leaves no room for anything.

Among the styles that were in your collection autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 military inspiration seen in blazers and coats with the double breasted tiny proposals is very present.

The leather It was generously in upper garments, in addition to the usual leggings, which were combined with strappy sandals.

Cardona Bonache autumn/winter 2011 / 2012: viva color

The Spanish brand of prêt-à-porter, Cardona Bonache, property of Victor Cadona Marquis e Israel Frutos Bonache He sought a more risky proposition for next winter with leather as the protagonist and the color as second value to defend their designs. Leather in the form of many layers and colorful close to fluorine, which highlighted Brown over Orange and electric blue. It seemed made on purpose facing the previous parade.

Along with geometric prints dresses others were more serious and traditional, with black as an alternative to modern ideas, black that perceives the grey more dark your best companion.

Krizia Robustella autumn/winter 2011 / 2012: the return to the University

Attentive with the trend of the return to the University This summer, some safe brands makes strong with it and if not, the next Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 as it is the case of Krizia Robustella, Designer inspired in sports and in the early years to ascertain fully some looks.

White is mixed with Fuchsia respecting the order. One on top and one on bottom. Whether in longer or more sexy tops, whether in skirts or pants. And as icing on the cake: boots style Panama Jack.

Together with this style more innocent looking could not miss.

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