01 September: Starts the Veda of the Silverside

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 date 17:47 | Technical studies to determine that, according to the characteristic of the gonadal development of Pejerrey, inland in the province of Buenos Aires, the breeding season records its busiest during the months of September, October and November of each year; in accordance with that for the purposes of aim at the achievement of the conservation and sustainability of Pejerrey populations in provincial indoor aquatic environments, it is necessary to establish appropriate measures in order to protect the reproductive activity of the species during the mentioned months.

The Ministry of land Affairs of the province of Buenos Aires through the Provincial Directorate of fisheries reports to and from 00 hours on September 1 ° 00 hours on December 1 of this year, governs the silverside fishing ban throughout the territory of the province of Buenos Aires, established by provision 89/08 (See available)

It should be noted that in this period is the realization of all sporting competition that is related to the silverside and the activities of commercial fishing in environments of provincial inland, allowing only the practice of sport and recreational fishing of silverside Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, respecting the maximum number of parts to extract per angler and day and is allowed in the lagoon of Chasico (Party of Villarino and Puan) fishing prohibited also on Friday.

Only angling is permitted on Saturday, Sundays and holidays. The minimum size of capture of Silversides in the Buenos Aires lagoons, the Mar Chiquita lagoon and rivers, creeks and canals will be of twenty-five (25) cm, measured in a straight line from the anterior end of the body of the fish, with the mouth closed, until the rear end of the tail fin, as shown in the graph.

The Provincial Fisheries Directorate explained that the maximum number of pieces of Silversides to extract per angler and day, in the provincial Lakes and la albufera Mar Chiquita (inland until the CELPA bridge) are as follows:

Thirty (30) lagoon chasico, party of Villarino and Puan

Twenty (20), for the lagoons of cochicó, Guaminí Partido and large FENNEL, party of Trenque Lauquen

Fifteen (15), for lagoons: la grande salt, matches of Gral. Madariaga and Gral. Lavalle; Fox leather, matches of Rivadavia and Trenque Lauquen; Gomez, party of Junin; the brava, Balcarce party; the salt of coronel granada, party of Gral. Pinto; LARGE willow, Monte Hermoso Partido; albufera mar chiquita, party of Mar Chiquita and Alsina, Guaminí Partido;

Ten (10) parts for the rest of the Buenos Aires lagoons.

For Buenos Aires inland waterways (rivers, streams and canals) the maximum number of pieces of Silversides to extract per angler and day will be equal to fifteen (15). Is excluded from the scope of the provision of the former Directorate of fisheries development N° 89/08 the Río de La Plata and the region of the Paraná Delta, under the jurisdiction of the province of Buenos Aires.

Moreover it is recalled that the provision set forth above is prohibited the practice of Jet-Ski while rija this season and craft with outboard internal combustion, can sail at a maximum speed of fifteen (15) kilometres per hour.