YouTube Releases New Look for All Users

If you access YouTube often you may have noticed some changes in the interface in recent weeks. A new look was being tested and was released to a number of users recently. Now, YouTube announced that the new layout is available to everyone: it is centralized and better use of the space on larger screens.

The main change is on the home page, which was previously aligned to the left and occupied a fixed width, which left a nasty white space on the right. The new layout, in turn, will be expanding (to a limited extent) to monitor the width of the browser. You do not want that sidebar taking up space? No problem: right-click and it will be hidden. Depending on your resolution, the sidebar is not displayed by default.

At the top of the page, a useful navigation bar allows you to switch between the Recommended page with suggestions of videos to watch and channels to follow based on what you sign on YouTube; and My Subscriptions, showing only new videos from the channels you signed up. Previously, this option was one little hidden in the sidebar.

YouTube also gave greater attention to playlists: they are easier to be edited and gained a privileged space in the sidebar, which YouTube calls Guide. The Guide will show not only the playlists you have created, but also playlists from other channels you likes.

It was better, no?