Your Christmas Gifts, Cheaper And On Time

We started the month of December with the Black Friday hangover and the last pre-Christmas discounts. If you are one of those who plan your Easter shopping, you’re in luck!

In we have extended, only during these dates, the term of return. Yes, as you read !. You can now ask Santa Claus or the Magi for your gifts so they can plan and take advantage of the discounts that exist on our website and, if they do not convince, they can return them until January 15.

You will have a week to contact our After Sales Department  and make your changes or returns if necessary!

LAWFAQS provided you 5 keys that answer the following question and you will be convinced

Why is it important to plan your Christmas shopping?

  1. First,you go much more relaxed, you can compare, think it more carefully and without stress. Your purchase will be much more successful!
  2. Second, many stores have discounts or promotions that you are interested in taking advantage of. As we get closer to the most significant dates, department stores and other stores take advantage of the euphoria of customers and the lack of time to inflate prices. So it is very convenient to anticipate this circumstance. A few euros less will never come bad, right? And, sometimes, if we are going to make several gifts, the money difference is quite significant.
  3. Third, the closer we are to Christmas, the more purchases we make and the less stock we are interested in.Therefore, if we are interested in a particular model and color, it is convenient to request it as soon as possible because there will be more stock and your purchase will be more effective.
  4. Fourth, we have to talk about the times.We all know that at Christmas transport companies are saturated and many times delivery times are not established. At we have a period of between 24 to 48 hours, however, during the most intense time of the year, transport companies do not guarantee 100% that these shipments arrive on time. So be warned!
  5. Weextend the term of return of our products! That is the key reason to guarantee the success of your gifts: Do not waste time and buy now the product you want! Do not lose money and return after the holidays if necessary!

A gafa is a unique gift, an ideal complement for the day to day, an accessory that completes our looks, that give a touch in to our outfits. It is a singular surprise, an object of desire that is passionate.

Do not think about it anymore and get it right on your Christmas gifts! In addition, they all come with their original cover, their suede to clean them and their certificate of originality.