Xiaomi Phone on Sale on December 18

A few months ago we told you about the M1 Xiaomi: a high-end phone, at least their benefits are at that point, manufactured by a Chinese company that also has the singularity of use MIUI ROM developed home-made and has many users and fans throughout the world.

When Xiaomi launched much preserve them people are interested in it. So much so that they were overwhelmed by the demand and had to go sending them little by little all those user that reserved it. However, now the Chinese manufacturer has been the batteries and the phone will be available for public sale on December 18.

Xiaomi has managed to adjust its production to meet the demand of consumers and from that date will sell its terminal to a 1999 Yuan (about 230 euros) price. A very competitive price, in addition to its performance, it has attracted – and rightly – the attention of many users.

In principle, the sale will be international and You can buy it from Europe or elsewhere in the world. We’ll see if Xiaomi reach agreements with shops for distribution online or you will have to buy it directly from the manufacturer. In any case, price and performance, is a really interesting terminal. We shall see, that Yes, if it is as good as it looks.

Thanks to Palmax for sending us the track!