World Matchplay Darts 2014 Highlights

From Saturday, July 19 to Sunday, July 27, 2014 World Matchplay Darts Championship organized by darts league PDC. What darters will participate in the World Match Play? Who are the favorites for the title? How do the schedule and the program of the World Match Play Championship like? Through what channels this prestigious tournament will be broadcast live on TV?

Historia World Matchplay

World Matchplay should not be confused with the “regular” World Championship Darts; Matchplay is a special type of game in the darts world. World Matchplay Darts previously organized by the British Darts Organisation. After the 1988 World Cup disappeared a few years arrows calendar until 1994, the main competitor in the BDO, PDC darts league, decided to resurrect the World Matchplay new life. PDC darts equalized early nineties by a group topdarters in life was called by dissatisfaction with the policies of BDO. Nowadays play almost all topprofs from darts world to the PDC. World Match Play Championship was organized in 1994 by twenty times PDC. Of the twenty editions knew darts legend Phil Taylor fourteen times to win the tournament. Unlike many other major darts tournaments World Matchplay has never been won by a Dutchman. Raymond van Barneveld took out in 2010 or the finals of this tournament, but he then lost 18-12 to Phil Taylor.

Matchplay rules

When the game system ‘Match Play’ arrow contest is divided into sets, but only a certain number of bones. It used to be customary in match play that a player had won only when he had a lead of at least two legs of his opponent. This created in Match Play tournaments sometimes huge marathon parties, which ended 38-36 for example. it is today at the World Matchplay is no longer possible. it is a game that put a maximum of five legs and, if necessary, then we will play a tie breaker.


BetVictor World Match Play Championship 2014 will be held at the Winter Gardens complex in Blackpool. This complex includes a theater and conference center. Blackpool is a town in the west of England with about 140,000 inhabitants. Among the famous people who come from Blackpool include singer Robert Smith and Graham Nash, but also darter Ronnie Baxter.

Prize 2014 World Matchplay

The total prize money at the World Matchplay Darts 2014 amounted to 450 000 pounds sterling. The winner of this tournament will receive £ 100,000, the runner-up gets even £ 50,000. Who loses in the semifinals, will receive 27,000 pounds. The losers of the quarter finals get 17 500 pounds. Losing in the second round will be even £ 10,000 and losers in the first round of 6000 pounds.


Making World Matchplay 32 players participated. The fleet consists of sixteen best players in the world ranking of the PDC and the addition of the 16 best-placed players from the Pro Tour Order of Merit. Among the participants are such greats as Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, Simon Whitlock, Adrian Lewis, Andy Hamilton and Raymond van Barneveld.


Among the main contenders for the overall victory in this tournament once again among the fourteen times champion Phil Taylor and Dutch kind Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld.

Live on TV

BetVictor World Match Play Championship will be partially broadcast by RTL 7 and the British SkySports. Here’s more information on the living standard of RTL7 in 2014. TV broadcasts of the World Matchplay 2014 will usually start on RTL 7 to 22:00.

Previous Edition: World Matchplay 2013 results

In 2013, the World Match Play Championship was won for the fourteenth time Phil Taylor. He was defeated in the finals Adrian Lewis with 18-13.De successful Dutchman Michael van Gerwen in this tournament, which reached the semifinals, but it was knocked out by Lewis.