Winter Jacket From The Leather

Leather products are considered classics. Particularly popular Sheepskin Coats and leather jackets in winter. Natural material is quite warm in the cold and looks great, but can afford to buy clothes from the skin can, unfortunately, not all. A great alternative may be winter down jackets and jackets from eco-friendly substitute.

What is Faux Leather?

There are plenty of skin substitutes. Ecological leather also belongs to him, but has many advantages. Eco-leather jacket of the reviews is for the most part positive. consumers argue that the replacement looks almost indistinguishable from natural material and to compare it with the skin overall could not.

ecological leather manufacturing process is quite simple. Based on cotton with a special polyurethane film smeared. Composition includes artificial materials based on synthetic polymers and cotton skin. The material is not a coincidence that the prefix ‘ eco ‘. The polyurethane does not contain harmful substances, as well as the use of eco-leather product is completely safe.


Despite the low price, ekokozha by some measures exceed the natural analogue. Artificial material is more durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Most Chinese buy in established jackets. Reviewers indicate that as outerwear worn long and very taxing to care for.

Environmental leather gives a very pleasant feeling. It is soft and supple. It is no accident that the material used for the production of thin lines products. This is not just a winter coats and jackets, but also a variety of jackets, skirts, pants, leggings, even dresses.

a huge plus leather is Frost in the harsh Russian winter, this figure is very important to make sure that the skin is not an ideal option for making winter clothes. poor quality imitation leather quickly loses its exterior, but eco-leather jacket from the reviews there are only the best. Most users are completely satisfied with your choice. Skin Environmental fears neither cold winter or spring thaw.

The First Eco-Leather Jacket

products of feathers with a top layer of leather are very popular for a few years. Plaschevka, which used to be used as a starting material for the manufacture of feather, fade into the background. Replaced with modern materials, differing excellent appearance and excellent performance.

Good views can be heard about the brand of the product, by Zara leather winter jacket from this producer has a stylish look and well worn in any weather. This product can be operated at temperatures from 5 to 25 degrees Celsius. Price of this jacket is democratic enough, compared to leather product. Together with this coat looks rich and unusual.

in winter jacket from the leather a comfortable stay in the room for a while after artificial material can “breathe.” you can easily make a trip to the supermarket without having to remove a favorite jacket.

Choose The Right Model

Carrying out Winter Jackets, of course, are in the first place. But the functionality and comfort of the model should also not be forgotten. That man product should feel comfortable in the end, local weather conditions, you need to wear winter clothes for at least four months.

choosing an online store of eco-leather jacket, feedback should be explored first. If a product is purchased in a specialized shop, you should pay attention to the existence of special fasteners, elastic bands, hidden in the sleeves, internal pockets and fleece podstezhki. All of these supplements will make using the product more convenient.

Trends for buying Jackets have to stay in one of the last places … What can be seen on the catwalks, are not always suitable for everyday use.

Cleaning of Eco-Leather Down Jacket

Bring in proper form winter jacket is necessary in two cases-when dirty and after one season of use. plaschevki Jackets a very clean in a washing machine. This is not an easy procedure after Pooh it easily absorbs moisture and detergents, but gives them the hard way. In modern washing machines have special programs for wash down products, but this technique is not always up to the task effectively.

It is much easier to clean ekokozha. Reviews and fundamentals of each work must be clarified before buying. consumers argue that the leather treatment is to remove impurities from the home by a simple wet wipes in a matter of minutes. Stubborn Stains can be removed with a solution of alcohol. In addition, there are special funds for the treatment of products of leather in the end of the season must return to work down jacket dry cleaning.

What to Wear a Down Jacket?

Fluffy fur is considered to be universal, it can be worn as pants with strict and tight jeans … Image depends on the model down jackets Sale. are stylishly sporty style jacket in. This option is only suitable for a combination of Ski suit or denim clothing.

Initially it looks like a classic leather jacket. Reviewers say that this jacket allows you to create the most original images. These articles often are extended, they can be worn not only with trousers, but also with dresses.

well chosen accessories are also important. Knitting scarves and hats perfect ekokozha. Reviewers indicate that large Knitted look very nice. Accessories should opt to match the product.

Where to Buy From eco-leather jacket?

Bomber jackets in vintage style received this huge spread. I can buy them not only in-line, but also in the specialized salons or even on the market. The most expensive product is available in salons that have down jackets brands such as “Montclair”, “Dice”, and so on. D. products are high quality and beautiful appearance.

Significantly cheaper on the market represented ekokozha. What information can hear about it? The most diverse. Ultimately, high quality down jackets on the market are different, but they have attractive appearance. Users who are planning to use the product, it is no more than a season, they are completely satisfied with your choice.

Buy on AliExpress

Those who want to save money and at the same time to buy a quality product, you should pay attention to Chinese online platform. The most popular of them is AliExpress. Here, in a huge range of broadcasts ekokozha. comments may be read directly from the page of the selected product. Convenient rating system, which allows you to choose a really good salesman.

To order the winter jacket of the trading platform is in September. It should be borne in mind that, after the payment of the goods can only come for one month. In addition, from November onwards, China will begin preparations for the new year holidays. In connection with this product may be delayed in the mail. Buyer risk to get your leather jacket in the middle of winter.

place an order from Chinese vendors can be quite simple. communication happening in most cases in the English language, you can use translator. And for those who are not sure, you should take the help of a mediator he should be willing to pay a premium for the product to 20%.