Why Need Dishwasher

With today’s article we would inaugurate a series of posts related to the care of the House, in what the times of our grandmothers and mothers was called home economics. You will find some tips to better manage your abode, with an eye to saving and the environment and with the hope of being able to help in difficult living arrangements of mothers, workers and housewives.

Why Need Dishwasher


For starters today I will talk about the dishwasher. I personally have been a year without. I thought of saving energy, but I lost so much time! Yes, because statistics say that in a family of four the time it takes to wash the dishes by hand is about 4 and a half hours a week, are well 230 hours per year! If we add the evening with some friends in addition, the Bill increases.

The dishwasher is revealed as a valuable aid. Now there are several on the market that allow to contain several consumption: again the industry studies have shown that a dishwasher now consumes 50% less than those of the years’ 80. The new models also have a device that automatically controls the flow of water to be used: savings, then, is almost the same as the hand washing.

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Why Need Dishwasher 2

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What precautions should be taken into account, so when you decide to purchase a dishwasher?

  • First, thenumber of household members and cargo of pottery who daily got dirty. Standard dishwashers are usually endorsed to wash 12 place settings, me there are major and minor capacity.
  • You will also need to decide which model you need in reference to installation: free entry, flush or partial or total integrated
  • Identified your needs, start to check the average consumption: through the label Energy labe lthat all appliances have you can locate the consumer class to which belongs the dishwasher: from 2011 we will have A lower consumption +++ and D for those higher.
  • Check that the dishwasher has the IMQ, household appliance, security guarantee that prior to becoming certified is subjected to numerous tests
  • Consider, when choosing, also the possibility of having two options: the half load and the scheduled departure time. The first is useful if you want to start a wash cycle with a few dishes, the second allows you to program the machine. Since the hourly consumption rate for electricity consumption to me back very useful: dishwasher, load imposed after dinner program and the scheduled departure time for the night. So I have the time to even start a washing machine or oven or rare thing, for ironing.

Once purchased, how to take care of, to exploit it fully and at the same time to Save? Here are some tips:

  • Please read theManual and keep it handy in a place readily available
  • try to always use your dishwasher with a full load, rather start a rinse between washes to prevent bad smells
  • For crockery less dirty used wash cheaper.Do not use too much detergent, especially if you opt for the eco-bio.
  • For most dishes encrusted, for example, take a quick rinse under water.Make it a habit to never let dry sauces and food in pots: just leave a little bit of water to cook the pasta, inside and when you have finished eating, you scratch with the sponge to remove the dried sauce.
  • Always make sure that the water dispensers are free to turn
  • Periodically clean the filter by washing it under hot water, nozzles dispensers and seal
  • Unplug the appliance and the water tap if you are a long time away

Behold, our recommendations are over for now. And you how they washed the dishes by hand or let the dishwasher? Check out Songaah.