When Do I Wear Sweaters? Or The Eternal In And Out

The countdown-so the Advent has started, the first doors I have already torn open and the “klitzekleine” chocolate on the hips shoveled and this year my resolutions were insanely ambitious.

Already in August I wanted to have the Christmas gifts worried or exactly know what gift my loved ones will find this year under the tree.

I Wear Pullovers? Or The Everlasting In And Out

The countdown…… the advent has begun and I’ve already opened the doors, the first “small” pieces of chocolate have been shovelled on my hips and this year, my resolutions were crazily ambitious. I would have liked to have my own Christmas presents.

memory lapses

But then, I was in ♥ in August and it was also summer holidays and it was so wonderfully hot and sunny and the idea of ​​Christmas absolutely unreal. At that time I really thought the wonderful summer thing was going on forever. The September had then felt only 10 days and to the October I can not even remember. Was the at least? I am the opinion something does not go with right things.But what I’m talking about-finally, the 6th of December (puhhh, already Nikolaus) and after Adam Riese it means: In 18 days is Christmas. A total surprise: Christmas Eve falls on the 24th of December-a Thursday by the way.

Memory Gaps

Then in August I was on holiday and then there were school holidays and it was so wonderfully. Did I really believe? Then September, I think, only about 10 days and I can not remember. I think there is something strange going on here. But what am I talking about-Ultimately today is the 6 th of December (Phew, already St Nicholas’ Day) and gemäß to Adam Ries did means: There are 18 days to Christmas. What a big surprise: Christmas Eve is this year on December 24 th-which is a Thursday by the way.

Christmas Shopping

I know all this… and yet I am only throwing myself in the advances of Munich’s inner city and I guess I will share this fate with two or three others. Meanwhile, I’m already buying a bunch of things online… The things that still bring the Christ child to us are usually brought to our home in giant cartons by the favorite DHL man. There are the children in the school and do not get it. But everything, I can not buy online and I do not want it at all-for this I like the Christmas capital much too gladly. But actually nothing comes close to Augsburg… if you have the opportunity to stroll through the Augsburger Maxstraße during the Adventszeit… then you should really do that and then you make a trip to the Rathausplatz to eat a delicious Germknödel and drink punch, There is the Christkindlmarkt.

Christmas Shopping

I am a very friendly person and I am very happy with my life.Meanwhile I’ve bought a pile of things online… especially the things that. Then the children are in school and do not get to see what’s happening. But I can not buy anything online nor do I want to-I love the Christmassy provincial capital too much. If you are looking for a place to stay in Augsburg, then you have come to the right place.You should be able to do it a lot more. That’s where the Christmas Market is.

Pure, Out With Sweater

I love inner cities at Christmas, mostly smells delicious and when it slowly darkens, then glittering and glittering everywhere from the beautiful lighting. You see, when it comes to the feast of love, then I’m not really rational… Then it glitters and sparkles well also in my Oberstübchen. Well still better, than rabenschwarze night up there… The only drawback when shopping in the winter is the constant in and out…. Well, who is going to have slippery thoughts here-I mean, of course, into the hot, out into the cold… A challenge for the outfit, which I am only too ready to accept and I meet her with sweaters… most preferably with cozy warm woolen sweaters.Because when shopping I like to wear jacket, from which I quickly get out and back in and it is not so cumbersome to wear it over the arm, as with a coat. Jacket and blouse alone… no way Frostbeulenalarm

In And Out With A Sweater

I love citycruses at Christmas time… usually they smell delicious and when it slowly gets dark I love the lights sparkle and glisten everywhere. You can see, when it comes to the joyous season I’m not really rational. Then it sparkles and glistens in my head, too. At any rate it’s better than having a jet black head on me.   I am ready to accept-I am ready to accept-I’m ready to accept-I’m ready to accept-And you’ll love it. When I am shopping I like to wear a jacket which I can quickly remove and then put on again and it’s not so cumbersome to carry it over my arm as it is with a coat. Only a jacket and a blouse… no way because I’m always freezing

Sweaters Week

In addition, my sweaters are really right in the air and I take this theme as an occasion and ring a sweater week. Because there are several new additions in my closet.  The start is today my striped sweater from Gaastra – hello strip – more I do not ever say :-), except for.. these stripes glitter even a bit, which fits perfectly to the 2nd Adventssonntag and the cuddly winterboots I have at my Aggrotag bought in the Marc O’Polo… So now I enjoy the sundowned peace and look forward to my city stroll, tomorrow after work… Enjoy the Sunday dear all…

Sweater week

If you are looking for a hot date, you can write me a message. There are a couple of new additions to my wardrobe. I have a lot of things to do in my wardrobe This is the first time I’ve been to the world, and I’ve been doing it for a long time,

Pants : H & M-so a pants in burgundy you need-I find andDarling Harbor* has one with a straight leg-very cool I also find the pants in the jogging style of G-Star*

Pullover : Gaastra-a really great woolpulli*for cold winter days which is also available in the shop. Very nice I still find the roll collar sweater of Gaastra *.

Jacket : Only-lined leather jackets are not so many – but here I have found an  aviator jacket model with Teddyfutter from Brandalism*and not really fed, but with a beautiful fake for collar is the leatherjacket of Jofama *  and Koca has yet another artificial leather jacket with nem Beautiful teddy bear*

Shoes : Marc O’Polo-for me a perfect winter shoe*- which is not a boot…. And also not as sensitive as UGGs

Bag : Stella & Dot
* Affiliate links: various online shops+♥ no affiliatelink