What to Wear in Winter Mens

Winter is not a season friendly. She remembers us when we pass the door and its cold winds are treacherous companions who slip into the smallest crack of a handle, a jacket or a collar. However, just follow some simple rules to pass these hostile month without incident. Discover what are the three essential tips elegant answer to winter stress and learn to dress when it’s zero degrees or less.

What to Wear in Winter When It’s Cold?

1 – Cover the Ends


This is one of the body parts where heat disperses faster. We can lose 30% to 50% of body heat. Wear a cap or a winter hat obviates this heat loss. Do not forget to cover your ears, the thin and fragile skin does not like cold.


They are just as sensitive to cold. The best solution to protect them is to wear a pair of leather gloves lined with wool or tissue as cheap clothing. The houses Causse  and Fabre, are reference glove makers in France. In terms of style, avoid wearing heavy gloves that make big hands (the Hulk) and affect your figure.


To feet opt for shoes with rubber soles (type “Dainite”), which do not take water, avoid skidding in the rain and good insulation from the cold. Cover your feet with a pair of good warm wool socks. Failing to have a grandmother who knits with talent, go for a standard model Falke Walky Light or stockings that go up very high. In winter, pay attention to your shoes, snow burns the leather and leaves unsightly white marks. To avoid permanent damage, do not let dry snow on your shoes and dry them quickly returning your output.


There is also a heat loss area. Wear a scarf! This accessory allows closing the collar of his coat and to prevent cold air rushes into. Moreover, the scarf is an accessory that gives the appearance by individualizing your outfit. Make color contrasts with the rest, for example, with a navy blue coat, opt for a charcoal gray scarf or emerald green. Nothing more beautiful than a scarf knotted well.

2 – Wear Quality Materials

More than ever, choose the finest materials, such as wool, cashmere or pen for linings. The reason? The finest materials have natural abilities that are not available synthetics.

Take for example the wool. It is hydrophilic vis-à-vis water vapor – for easy crease – and hydrophobic vis-à-vis liquid water – to protect you from the rain. By a physicochemical phenomenon, the absorption of moisture by the fiber is accompanied by a heat and conversely moisture loss is accompanied by heat absorption. Is not it beautiful! The wool is a poor conductor of heat, it then allows not remove heat from your body to the outside.

For those for whom the idea has been born, we are formal, sealskin and “polar” are not possible alternatives!

3 – Overlap the Layers: the Milfoil Technical

The superposition of layers of clothing is a proven technique but must be performed in a specific order that corresponds to each type of clothing. We proceed from the inside to the outside.

  • The first layer serves to absorb and wick away perspiration. Modern and highly effective technical textiles exist, and can be worn discreetly under a sweater, for example (eg Heatech Uniqlo ). Attention Cotton is a nice fabric to wear but retains moisture.
  • The second layer will keep the heat your body produces. To this end, choose the wool of all types – cashmere sweater , merino, lamb, etc. – You now know the fantastic properties. If temperatures become hostile, do not hesitate to overlay multiple layers.
  • The third layer serves as protection against climatic hazards such as wind, rain or even snow. It must be waterproof and windproof. A wide choice of products offers you the opportunity to express your creativity: Chesterfield wool coat, treated cotton jacket Mac or water repellent jacket for cold weather  !

Now You Know How Well You Dress to Keep Warm in Winter!

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