What Is And Is Not Allowed In Postpartum?

The postpartum period raises many doubts in the mother of what she can actually do and what she can not, for many things are said, but few are true.

What Is And Is Not Allowed In Postpartum

After the arrival of the baby the mother’s body does not stop with the transformations as it begins to return to normal and facing the postpartum period also known as quarantine or puerperium.

The quarantine is marked by the abrupt drop of the hormones that can cause fatigue, despondency, insecurity, lack of concentration, problems of appetite, sleep, depression, cramps, in addition to bleeding.

Unlike Grandmother’s beliefs, a postpartum woman need not be alone in chicken soup, which is a light meal and should be part of the diet at this time.

What is and is not allowed in postpartum

The mother needs to eat well to regain health and fitness by betting on a balanced diet rich in minerals like calcium and iron.

A diet where dairy products, red meat, lots of water, fruits ingested with peel like pear and apple can not be lacking.

Avoiding too greasy and heavy foods, in addition to reducing the consumption of chocolate, cola, beans, dark vegetables and tomatoes that can impair breastfeeding.

Have relationships

The fastest need to understand that they should wait at least 30 days after giving birth to be able to have intercourse.

This is so much for women who had their babies in normal delivery because it can cause pain and infection as a cesarean section, in which case it is necessary to wait due to the recovery of the reproductive system and the body and also the surgery that requires care.

Physical activity

It is necessary to wait the postpartum period and even more, being that, after normal labor, effort should be avoided for the body to return to normal.

The light walk is allowed only after 30 days, other activities are necessary to wait two months, since women who underwent cesarean section will have to wait for three months.

To drive

It is recommended to wait two weeks for normal delivery and one month for cesarean section.

Hair care

Because of the hormonal fall the hair is weakened and may fall, however, the only recommendation is not to paint the wires for a few months because it can impair breastfeeding, since the chemicals contain ammonia or formalin that can intoxicate the baby through breast milk .

Climb stairs 

If you do not have pain, there is no contraindication in both cases.

Carry weight

It is recommended to stay at least one month without lifting, to save the spine that was weakened during pregnancy and also because of the points for the mothers who underwent cesarean sections.