What Is A Culotte And How To Wear It?

Culotte – already when pronouncing the name of this trousers form, some of you will surely be unsure and the question of styling is even more. But do not worry! We will take you a little bit of the subject and reveal what this piece of fabric has in store for you and how you can stage this particular trend piece right.

Culotte – What is it?

The Culotte is the French name for a knot and trousers, which can be compared very well with the classic pants skirt. The trousers legs of the Culotte have a wide cut and reach to just under the knee, in some models also to the middle of the calf. They are available in light-weight fabric qualities as well as in solid wool or denim material. Versions with elastic waistband are wonderfully comfortable, while models with a high waistline skilfully emphasize the body center.

Culotte – It’s styled!

Anyone who thinks that she is only something for big and very slender women is wrong! In the right combination, the trousers can be a real figure flatterer and is also available to little women or ladies beyond the size of 40. Important: In these two cases you should pay attention to wearing high shoes, which lengthen the leg visually. Narrow calves and shackles thus receive attention. With the addition of figure-hugging tops, you can not only create a slim silhouette, but also put your waist in the focus. Since the cut of the pants is already very striking, many Culottes are plain colors and are combined with discreet parts. So that you can make a better picture of how changeable the Culotte is, I have asked my dear colleagues to show how you would carry the Culotte in three different everyday situations.

Culotte: The sporty look

Esta has a very sporty style and therefore prefer a relaxed combination of culotte, t-shirt, jeans jacket and sneaker. This outfit is perfect for any leisure activity: shopping, walking around the city, playing with the kids or taking a bike ride with the family.

Culotte: The office look

Sabine loves to wear the Culotte at the office. Either it combines a simple stripe shirt or a delicate blouse with elegant blazer. A chic bag and black pumps as accessories – it is not necessary to leave a lasting impression with the colleagues.

Culotte: The party look

If a party is coming soon, then maybe Mona’s outfit is for you? She wears the Culotte with a chic, transparent shirt in black, silver high heels and a sparkling clutch. With a little jewelry, red lipstick or red nails, you get the perfect party look.

I hope you have a little taste of the pictures, and now you are ready to try the fashion experiment. I would be glad, for who does not dare not win.

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