What Are the Trends for This Spring? (I)

I’m tired of this cold and the truth I hope that from here a few weeks begin to notice in our body (and our closet) that spring is closer than we thought. And as it will be stored in crates scarves, gloves and warm clothes, dusting shirts, polos, linen pants and t-shirts, I think it is appropriate to give a brief review of trends It is assumed that last year they defined what was going to be this spring, so we caught not suddenly and we go, as we always try to here, to fashion.

Many imagine that already you may have been able to guess them watching showcases or approaching the shops for new collections and seasons of some firms, but for those who still anchored in the polar cold that us strikes, Here’s a brief review from Anycountyprivateschools.

Do not save the raincoats in spring

If you remember, the Gabardine Star of the last year had become the garment. But not only did with the autumn-winter seasons, but that he managed to get into the spring, in its fresh, light version and a little streamlining its shades and adapting to the time in which we entered.

Brands such as Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Zara, Mango, or Calvin Klein, to name a few, they released very interesting proposals in shades of Camel, straight cut, length up to the knees and soft and little heavy materials in sight. Sets ideal to combine with shirts and carry them open.

The 1960s molan

Or at least I thought the fashion for the new season. In which you see reflected this? As a rise in the presence of hats, jackets, striped and looks style gangster in most parts of the Collections. Imitating the style of some of the greats like Frank Sinatra, the two-tone lace-up shoes became a strong of most of the collections.

The color ash, the sunglasses Tom Ford style (that who has seen the film ‘A single man’ comes to be a reflection of the sixties aesthetic which I mean) and a certain whiff of vintage that it permeates everything, get Classic looks, impeccable elegance and amazing simplicity. Eye to detail, are key.

We play the Cowboys?

The fabric denim (like this year) it became a quite widespread tendency within the more informal collections and sports. We could see it in any format of garment. Not only in pants, undisputed star of the format, but the jackets, shirts and even plug-ins have joined this trend.

Looks wide open, wide, We left pants that fit the body to give priority to comfort. Many of the garments were frayed or broken and the idea was to get a mish-mash of textures and styles, to base of combining these more casual garments with shirts, shoes or jackets.

Nuclear target for special occasions

Absolute triumph of the total white. Leaving aside the idea that the total black are the best bets for more special occasions, due to its sobriety and elegance, to get into the unknown world of take a look entirely white.

At the beginning we can hit a little and, as usual, causes much controversy and difficulties in deciding with which to combine it, but the idea is pretty simple: If we are talking about a total look is that tOdes and each of the garments will be that color. We can choose shades of all types: colors cream, ivory, nuclear targets and even some bluish white.

And how much are allowed the use of sweaters in colors very clear and cakes, as the Canarian yellows, blues Klein or in any case the pink stick.

A look at trends in the next post we will continue pouring. As you can see it Do you dare to follow fashion this spring?