Wesley Sneijder Biography

Wesley Sneijder; the little midfielder “Royal” Real Madrid and the Dutch team. If you want to know all about him; In this articles you can read all about this football player: a short piece about her childhood in “biography”, his physical and his qualities, his club career and his international career; in words and statistics, notable moments in his personal life and in his football career.


Wesley Sneijder Benjamin was born on 9 June 1984 in Utrecht neighborhood Grunt. This area is since October 19, 2005 a Cruijff Court; a football pitch that he gave away of Johan Cruyff Foundation to win the prize for Talent of the Year “in 2003/2004 season. Sneijder comes from a football family: His older brother Jeffrey played in Utrecht Club Elinkwijk. He has four games in the Dutch first division with Telstar Petrels are played. Wesley’s younger brother Rodney plays for the Young Ajax.

Physical Qualities

Wesley makes his 2nd namesake; with his 1.70 m and 67kg +/-he’s a “Benjamin” in the field. Still, Sneijder fearsome opponent: Sneijder is famous for its perfect 2 benigheid; Wesley even know if he is left footed or rechtsbenig. This, in combination with the shot power and precision, ensures that Wesley from all walks of life touch can shoot. In addition, he is known for: its ability to quickly cut and run, free kicks, overview, application, commitment/meeverdedigen, temperament.

Club Career/Honours

Sneijder started playing football at Utrecht amateur DOSE. In 1992, at the age of 8, he went to Ajax;where it runs through the entire Academy. On February 2, 2003, he made his debut under coach Ronald Koeman, the main force; against Willem II. His 1st goal for Ajax he scored in the Stadium against FC Groningen on 5 March 2003. Sneijder played five seasons in Amsterdam’s main strength, especially as no 10 “, but sometimes as a left midfielder.
* Number of goals scored in games played.
Sneijder had appeared as a supporting actor in Amsterdam; According to the magazine Sportweek earned in 2006? 2.6 million. He had his sights set on a Spanish dream Club. Since Fc Valencia don’t want to pay the asking price in the?? 30 million, was offered the “only”? 16 million, saw this transition af. Toe Real Madrid with a bid on?? 27 million went to Ajax thanks and signed Sneijder, on aug 13, 2007, a five-year contract in Madrid. According to the magazine Sportweek Wesley will earn approximately?? 4.8 million per year.
Sneijder debuted on August 15, 2007 in the Primera Division, he immediately scored the winning goal against arch-rival Atletico Madrid. Wesley began in Madrid with, taken from the left Beckham Jersey number 23. In the season 2008/2009 he would, after the departure of Robinho, his beloved “10” to recover.
* Number of goals scored in games played.

Inter Career

Sneijder has played in all of the national youth team. Due to his good play at Ajax he made his debut on april 30, 2003 in the Dutch team. Former national coach Cock Advocaat left him, after the break, Edgar Davids be substituted in the match against Portugal. Friendly match ended 1-1. Since then, Sneijder is a major player in the “Orange”:
* Number of goals scored in games played.


  • Sneijder started on 19 november 2003 in the crucial playoff for Euro 2004 against Scotland. Orange after 1st match in Scotland had lost 1-0, the team won with a whopping 6-0 by the Scots. EM was reached and Sneijder had very good games, one goal and three assists, housed in the team.
  • Former Ajax coach Ronald Koeman 2004 thought that Sneijder is not the same society can play with Rafael van der Vaart. Sneijder played mostly as a left midfielder, while van der Vaart was due mainly to “10”. Since Koeman lacked balance in the team, he criticized both players. This made his relationship with the young men are not good. Especially van der Vaart, who sometimes had to play as a left winger, was not pleased with the continued criticism; in the Dutch national team, the two friends turned out to be good to play together.
  • On 18 jun 2005 Sneijder poisons his great love: Ramona Streekstra.
  • On september 4, 2006 Wesley a son Ramona: Jessey.
  • August 3, 2008. During a training match for the Emirates Cup Wesley gets seriously injured his knee after a rough and clumsy challenge from Arsenal’s Abou Diaby. Sneijder is a tear in his inner knee ligaments. The recovery is going well and Sneijder on 5 October once again make his comeback against Espanyol. However, Sneijder problems regain his form and his 2nd season at Real Madrid is not as successful as their 1st season.
  • It is October 2008, when a conflict revealed between the Arsenal superstar Robin van Persie and Wesley Sneijder. Wesley had told the media that he was not satisfied with his teammate in the Dutch national team; Van Persie took a free kick from oak that according to the agreements, before Sneijder should have been. Long after this point in the game against the Russians this “feud” was struggling.Van Persie regretted that Sneijder to discuss conflict in the media was in the personal and inner Chamber. The whole thing turned out to be a storm in a glass of water; Sneijder has lifted the handset and pronounced the situation.
  • On 21 January 2009, it was announced that Wesley Sneijder will divorce his wife Ramona. He’ll pay Ramona?? 6 million to make separation official. The tabloids think that the couple grew apart. Others think Wesley has fallen in love with another woman; It would mean toptennister Daniela Hantuchová. This was denied by the football player.
  • The Dutch team played on 28 Mar 2009 qualifying match against Scotland. Because coach Bert van Marwijk preferred to Arjen Robben on the left, there is no room in the base for Sneijder. After a good turn by raid 25 minutes sprinted very disappointed and angry Sneijder through the home locker room. In the press, where the event is brought as a major problem. But players and coach called his disappointment to understand. Wesley said he “really didn’t run polonaise” when he heard the news. He also said, “my brother’s birthday. I quickly went home to the polonaise. Due to an injury to Van Persie, he started well in the match against Macedonia.
  • On May 19, 2009 it was announced that Wesley was involved in the break in the relationship between singer Jan Smit with Yolanthe. Yolanthe Sneijder was caught with kissed on surveillance cameras in a parking garage. Despite the 2.5 year long relationship with “showbiz couple thus came to an end, and the news for a long time was the talk of the day; No one seems to take the blame Wesley.