Wear Shorts and a Silk Top

This week, the summer has really surprised me with its temperatures… Especially since the good does not hold at all to the time window for him…

But, well, I will not complain… Though-actually… because then I have determined that I No more summer dresses at all… Okay… that sounds a bit exaggerated-but that sounds just like that. But I do not know why-I only found a single summer dress in my closet. So, more precisely, only one I wanted to put on. With regard to my shopping behavior is impossible and I can not explain the absence. My outfit is with shorts and a silk top is also there. Actually perfect for hot days and I do not like it anyway.

In any case, I immediately went off… So, virtually, to bring me up to date in summer clothes. I was afraid, I’m too late. But I had not expected the sudden summer. Actually, I wanted to buy me recently a roll collar sweater-so firmly I was convinced that with the summer 2017 in D nothing more. Did not it just snow? This can not be so long ago, because I can remember well the pictures on Instagram.And if I can remember  something, it must have been just now…So, as I said, I’ve made a virtual start… and at the same time, I’ve been a bit excited about myself.

Are My Summer Dresses Out?

After all, it is not that my wardrobe would give another summer dress. No, no… there are still two / three more. Nevertheless-somehow, I could not really be enthusiastic about all of them. One too long, the other too short-the next too colorful or too monochrome? And the next time it was the cut, which I do not like.And at the same time, I totally annoy myself that I think so. Because it is not so that the clothes do not fit… so I have not grown out. Are my summer dresses just all out? For my summer dresses should be enough for 5 days of summer. The summer does not last long.Strictly speaking, all dresses have seen the sun far too rarely… For the airy dresses it needs at least 25 degrees… so at least… My wish weather would be constant 28 degrees and a lukewarm breeze, rain please only during the night.

Summer Dresses That I Have And Do Not Like …

I think this sounds great and is absolutely appropriate… And the local weather situation would be a bit more constant. The summer should take an example to 2003… In the year he still knew how to do it. But what am I talking about again… You notice… I am dissatisfied with myself. Because of the summer clothes I have and not like and because of those I want to buy, but rather not buy, because I actually already have some. Do you know people. I’m afraid I just got a hormone thing… triggered by the sudden onset of intense sun exposure. A better reason, unfortunately, does not occur to me. Now travel pre-holiday seems to me in view of my recent NY-trip somehow inappropriate.

A Top Dress From Only

And although I do not buy a summer dress, I’ve looked at myself anyway and in the online shop of Zara immediately in a spotted pants skirt dress (that is not really a dress) in love. However, that did not look good at me… the opinion was also the Insta-Crowd. Then words such as “old”, “fluttered” and “cut off” fell.Anyway, probably Zara has also seen, because I can not even link the good piece… I find it very praiseworthy that the Spaniards immediately remove clothes from the shop, which do not stand to me… I have it definitely back and sent me Then bought a white lace dress from Only – in the store. After the whole family gave your consent about five times independently of each other. I linked the model below in the box-in which you also find a few other chic summer dresses. Just so… I want to buy No more.

Summer Dresses Shorts

Until I get out of my summer dress crisis, I wear shorts… Although I do not really like this outfit… This is almost a premiere… Because I have never shown an outfit that I do not like… so at the time of the publishing. After that, I’m wondering what I thought about one or the other look, and if at all… Besides, I can not really put into words why I do not like the look. Perhaps the already mentioned hormones are to blame? Or it is s.der shorts… Finally I will be this year 43 and I’m not sure whether shorts are still so appropriate ???On the other hand, I find this reason quite stupid .. Yes-People You see… The sunshine has added massive damage to my gray cells … And for the reason I will take up the idea on Sunday again… Until then, I wish you a great Friday and would like to know, How is your summer dresses ordered? Your Conny