We Remember the Best Shows of All Time

Mentally reviewing the images that had been most impacted me the best fashion shows of all time, I acknowledge that the first thing that have come me to memory have been images of stellar appearances of John Galliano every time you came to say hello after presenting a new haute couture collection. Who doesn’t remember it gown torero to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Dior and 10 years in the firm, of Napoleon or even wearing an impeccable dinner jacket, but no pants?

Galliano always was a genius, and knew to dive in the House archives to recreate distant times of cool way, because it is there where is normally the soul of it. The expectation of seeing how “disfrazaría” to go out and greet was a added plus all the paraphernalia of the parade.

But aside from his brilliance, remember perfectly to Stella Tennant giving life to the Marchesa Casati in a creation of 1998, or Edie Campbell dressed and played with newspapers for the parade “Les Clochards” (Tramps) the autumn-winter 2001-2002.

In February 2004, an excited Tom Ford took leave of Gucci with a spectacular parade during the fashion week in Milan. On a catwalk covered with Zebra skins, paraded haughty models wearing one retrospective of the most emblematic pieces which the designer had created for the firm during an entire Decade.

In 2007, the convertible dresses of Hussein Chalayan they assumed a clear commitment to the merger between fashion and technology that it advocated intelligent fabrics that gave life to bright dresses, garments inks, or dresses animatronic as that skirt which then turned into table. Their parades always were memorable and not free of controversy, but left the audience speechless.

In 2008 in Paris, with an unforgettable and exciting couture for the spring-summer 2008 collection, Valentino He said goodbye to the catwalks. A unique collection in which all the expertise of the designer expressed the most, and where the excitement was palpable in the environment when Valentino came out to greet at the end of the parade, surrounded by all his models dressed in costumes in the famous rosso Valentino.

At the beginning of June, 2009, at Bercy, took place where no one knew it would be the last parade of Alexander McQueen. The hooligan of English fashion won the audience with models who instead of March seemed to evolve on a dancefloor, around a steaming Iron Mountain, rises at the top of their boots, heels kilometre.

In 2003, he was inspired by some Pirates He had been shipwrecked on an island full of indigenous people; in 2005 chose to do so in the subject matter of the Hichcok films. When most gave that talk was when presented garment dyed blood After being inspired by the topic “Rape in the Highlands”; without forgetting to mention when it paraded to models with wood legs.

In the history of fashion shows there was a before and an after marked by the space. When his maisons of couture salons were they small, Dior – like the rest of the other major brands in the world of fashion and luxury – began to parade in the Carrousel du Louvre. There, due to time and space constraints, the Mise en scene is not to be the most important of the show; the clothes and if me even a little, the top models of the 90s were the real protagonists of the parades.

After the Carrousel du Louvre, Dior bet by the Paris Rodin Museum. I remember as if it were yesterday to those spectacular mujeres-flor with their spacious and voluminous skirts decorated with orchids, tulips and flowers of paradise, tulle and chiffon that paraded down the catwalk of this privileged environment coinciding with the collection autumn winter 2010-2011. But, I must admit that what really struck me was that all the models take a few collected carded – that reminded a bouquet of flowers placed upside down – with touches that wrapped them in cellophane.

But who really managed to surprise us, and mark the pattern of what would become the next couture thereafter parades was Chanel with its Parade autumn/winter 2008-2009 When mounted in the Grand Palais of Paris A Carousel that reminded a bit you can see, even today, at the foot of the basilica of Sacre Coeur in Paris. A recreation of modernist style inspired by the carousels at the beginning of the last century, and where instead of horses, elephants and swans, the beakers were formed by strings of pearls and camellias and clutchs.

Memorable was the great Couture parade Jean Paul Gaultier spring-summer 2010. A parade inspired in Mexico in which the classics hats the Mariachi acquired a new dimension since the context off developing in small works of art.

And, what could say that incredible female Palm tree do with an accomplished costume feathered chiffon that were a reinterpretation of the leaves of the Palm trees covering the metal structure one of those skirt Corolla? Gaultier always was always inspired by the art when designing, and has also given special attention to the famous métiers d’art. Something Chanel, which became them, in their own right, deserving of its own annual parade will also set.

The Haute Couture It is a modality that transcends the limits of common fashion, a fashion that almost does not sell or purchase, but only is displayed paying for special occasions such as the red carpet, so we could say that it is it closer to the art, so the more original, creative and groundbreaking is, it attracts, do not you think?