We Have the Galaxy S5 in Gold!

Galaxy S5 in Gold Just Arrived

We Have the Galaxy S5 in Gold!

Looking for a Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold? We got just that in this color! If you want a Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold should hurry up and order with us on Handyinraten.de one themselves, before they are gone!

In the new mobile trend color gold is the Samsung Galaxy S5 especially chic and a real eye catcher! Because one thing is certain: who will be a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold may call their own, is guaranteed everywhere in the Center!

The new flagship of the South Korean technology group is really awesome! It is very sturdy and even water – and dust-proof. The display of the Galaxy S5 in gold is simply huge with 5.1 inches – watching the latest blockbuster does equal more fun! The colors look incredibly natural and also the contrast and sharpness of the image are just brilliant. A highlight is the noble back. It is very soft and with recesses, which are similar to those of a golf ball – not just great looks, it also ensures that the Galaxy S5 is very pleasant to handle.

The technical equipment produced with the Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold you guys up to date and can look forward with some special features. The Galaxy S5 in gold has for example a fingerprint sensor that is integrated with the home button and that you easily can unlock your new smartphone. And even when jogging, the Galaxy S5 in gold is a real help, because it has a built-in heart rate monitor – so you’re always well informed about your fitness!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 gold friends really like? Then hurry and the Galaxy S5 in gold you order with us in the shop! With us, you will receive the Galaxy S5 in gold with a mobile financing, where you even can choose the amount of the monthly rate, with which you will pay off your Galaxy S5 in gold!