We Are Going to Rake in Jesus the Well

Yesterday afternoon started the rake of Jesús of el Pozo in Madrid, at the boutique that Spanish designer has c / Almirante No. 9. And how it could be otherwise, I went to take a look and see that there were many fans that we wanted to know if the samples of catwalk and costumes sketches we were perfect.

Yes, he had catwalk clothing. And shoes, that I fell in love, but all I had is great. From almost all 41, Petite models! The prices were really rake, very affordable, and quality, as you can imagine it. Cocktail dresses, scarves, scarves, skirts to match tops, long dresses party, jackets and coats. All with that air of Jesús of el Pozo where nothing stands out of first, but everything is special.

I leave the track because the rake ends tomorrow, just two days where you can dive into the universe of Jesús of el Pozo. Remember the months they are coming… And if you find anything that you like in rake (there are also bags for the more fans) test in her boutique. The deal is perfect and sure that what you are looking for, appears. That Yes, no longer runway, but yes to your measurement. (PD, the dress on the left was yesterday, I do not know today…)