Watch Bracelet Adjustments

Bracelet adjustment

We offer a free watchband adjustment when you buy your new watch with us to fit your wrist size, and you can wear it as soon as it is delivered. When we made the adjustment and removed some links, they will be sent to you together with your order. Note, however, that watches as a strap adjusted by us loses the right of withdrawal. So if you never put the watch in reality, it is better not to order this service. Bring your new watch to your local watchmaker who can make an adjustment against a supplement.

Measure your wrist

The best way to measure your wrist is using a tape measure, measure your wrist in millimeters. Then select the desired measure in the box “my wrist measurement is” in connection with your order. It is not always possible to adjust a watchband for the optimum fit. For the most part become the measurement accurate but in some cases it may be necessary to further adjustments, after you receive your watch, and then you can do this at your local jeweler or watchmaker. Bracelet adjustment of Kö is a free and optional service, and therefore we can not give any compensation for consequential or need for further adjustments. There are various tools on the market that allow you to perform a bracelet adjustment itself. Generally, we do not recommend this.

Adjustment service is free of charge for all URKö’s customers. Do you need extra links for your watch, this can be requested but is subject to an additional cost to you. Note, however, that few home extra links can take up to 2-3 weeks.

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