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Want To Choose The Ideal Bra? Give Us Some Tips!

A bra, besides beautiful, of course, needs to be comfortable! Many women do not give importance to this piece that accompanies us sometimes throughout the day, and on top has the power to lift or overturn any look. One thing is certain: when we are safe and comfortable, we naturally can do the day-to-day tasks more easily! Thinking about this, we separate here some tips to not miss more time to buy this indispensable piece in our wardrobe:

  1. Everything Goes Around The Caement
    At the time of purchase, take the time to let a professional guide you about the best model.Ideally you should re-evaluate the sizes and formats every six months, but if it’s impractical for you, try at least following the tips below.

-Make sure the bra is positioned well in the middle of the back.
-If you notice that the handles are always slipping from the shoulders, sign that you need a model with smaller circumference.
-If you only wear bra with bum, but the cups are leaving the breasts out or the frame is irritating your skin or even the center of the piece is far from your body, you need a model with larger cup according to THERIGHTBRAS.
-If the cups look dented or the frame is too large, the model needs to be smaller.
-Finally, see if the front line of the bra is in the same direction as the back.

  1. Yes, You Need A Sports Top
    Look for a top model that provides support with wider straps and that restrict any movement of the breasts during more intense movements.Usually, they usually press the breasts against the chest, which does not sound anything pleasant.So experimenting is the number one rule when it comes to choosing the best. Move around enough inside the dressing room to clear any doubts.
  2. Half-Tape, With Box Or Modeler?
    The half-cup bras are very years 1990. Nowadays, the choice must be directed to the modellers, who give rise to the silhouette in a much more subtle way.The modellers will increase the volume in the middle while the half-cup provides a raise only at the top. And if the model is bigger, even better!
  3. Opte For Bojos Secretos
    If you have little bust, ideally choose triangular bras, which hide discrete bulges.You will achieve a proportional volume and will prevent the nipples from appearing under thin fabrics.
  4. The Model That Will “Clear” The Course Pulses
    No matter what their size, they are all subject to those undesirable greasy ones in the back.This discomfort can be aggravated by a very fair bra.The best way to check if the model is suitable is by wearing, lifting the arms and twisting the body.The piece can not move, must remain in the same place all the time.

To take no risk, look for the larger models with wider straps and straps.

  1. Basic Is Not Synonyms Of No Grace
    To get the most out of your lingerie, you should think about it.You will not, for example, use your sports tops to go to work.So, before going shopping, have a general look in the drawer and find some absences, be it aesthetic or functional.

The functional must have is the strapless model, which needs to be firm and accurate in the size of the breasts. Another indispensable is the neckline “V”, which fits perfectly to bolder tops. In addition to proposing a perfect shape, it is not apparent.

  1. Post-Use Care
    It sounds annoying, but laundering of the lingerie requires special care.Place the pieces inside a laundry bag or inside a pillowcase.Before putting it to the machine, remember to close all the bras, so that the hooks do not twist at all. Now if you still feel that underwear needs extra care, handwashing is the best way. Only then will you protect your underwear and increase your life span.

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