Wallpaper: Care, How to Save

The wallpapers are way more easy, fast and inexpensive way to change the face of the environments, but for those who joined this trend is good to remember that some simple care are essential to facilitate the application and extend the life of the stickers. We have selected some important Tips to save for longer walls beautiful and amazing.

Tips to talk the wallpaper

First-aid treatment starts the application via foodanddrinkjournal. The wallpaper should never be placed on damaged walls, with mold, dust or dirt, as this will cause it to move the wall quickly. Ideally, the place is pretty clean, and so use a cloth moistened with alcohol and allow it to dry before gluing. And never apply directly on walls without finishing – directly on the grout, for example. It is important to check that there are no infiltrations or if it will be exposed to the Sun, that can damage and decreases the life of the decoration.

If the wall has been painted recently, wait a few weeks to apply the role, so anytime you change it will not damage the paint.

If you’re going to put in wet environments such as toilets, pantries and kitchens the vinyl version of this paper has more resistance. This type of product is also ideal for homes that suffer with the salty air of the beach. Meet some models for this kind of reading environment: bathroom wallpaper, templates to decorate.

If you need more than a roll to decorate a wall make sure they belong to the same batch as there are color variations and even other minor differences between them.

Use a spatula to place itself, if not look for something similar to give security when handling. Spatulas, Acrylic paint and rollers are suitable for application materials and they are easily found in shops of building materials.

For cleaning use only a damp cloth with neutral detergent. To remove stains for a homemade recipe. With a clean cloth cover the part that is rubbed on the wall with a little bread crumbs, then pass on the scene spotted in strong and vertical movements. Then, remove all residues from the stain still resist using a frame-Eraser again.

Now just choose a template for an environment you want to decorate or just renew the visual. Get inspired by reading: wallpaper: how to choose, tips.