Wall Chandeliers Guide

The chandeliers are no longer an outdated object and slip back into our homes to give an original and modern touch to any room.

We love the chandeliers and dare us with all kinds of colors. They come in classic and sober colors like white or black, but also in vivid colors like pink or pistachio and even chandeliers decorated with jewels thousand colors. Give a new look to your home with chandeliers!

Depending on the style and type of chandeliers  you choose, you give a touch or another to your space, choose a lamp or another can make change much your living room or place where you put it.

The chandeliers  are unique and some of them can be considered as pieces of real luxury . But like most furniture and accessories, everything depends on how your chandelier left. There are many models , some are very large and striking while others are smaller and more discreet.

If you want to know what to chandelier is yours, you have to take into account the interior design you have chosen. If you think that to have chandeliers you have to have a classic style in your home, You ‘re wrong !: contrast arises when you put chandeliers in a field style vintage is beautiful.


What chandeliers are best in your room and in that exact location of your roof it is best to place them ?Undoubtedly, these are the questions that must pass through your mind in the selection of chandeliers and before decantarte why you like it .


The chandeliers are very striking and impressive, no matter how large they are, This always true! There are chandeliers that only have one point of light, yet are most illuminating. It is important that the size fits the size of the room, because this light becomes a focus that attracts all eyes -and there must be proportion!

Best chandeliers are natural in rooms with high ceilings, as with the old buildings. The chandeliers are a type of lighting fixtures hanging and are usually adjusted to the height of the room. Therefore, make sure the lamp is hanging high for you and your guests may be able move you around the room quietly. Depending on the size of the room, you can change the size of chandeliers so they are perfect: the larger the room, the larger must be the chandeliers.

Just at the entrance and in the corridor a striking lamp is fine, because here the decoration is usually easier than in the rest of the house, so you can play with the lights. Thus, the chandeliers you put in these areas will be what appeals to your eyes and your guests.

In the bedroom, the chandeliers can be quite romantic and fun: here, the decor is usually rather romantic, so do even better with chandeliers!

Chandeliers: THE BEST CARE

The chandeliers are very nice and are very elegant . However, for the chandeliers hogging all eyes, they have to shine without a speck of dust! Chandeliers require, unlike other hanging lamps, even more careful because its structure and design are much more complex and attract dust easily. Chandeliers can clean with a cloth both wet and dry.


If you decide to clean them dry form, you have to clean each glass individually with a cloth or feather duster. This method of dry cleaning is fine, because it lets you thoroughly clean every glass every time you want.

Clean chandeliers   wet form is more expensive than if you do it in dry form, but also cleaned more thoroughly! With warm water and a little liquid detergent can you clean the glass well, but then all crystals have to be polished so that no water stains remain.
Although clean the chandeliers is time consuming and expensive, it’s the only way to shine and give off all its glory!

BULBS FOR chandeliers

Depending on the type of chandeliers you choose, you ‘ll need to use a bulb or another. Of course, chandeliers must not only be beautiful, but also fulfill its main function : to provide good lighting and brightness to the room! But sometimes we do not choose bulbs , there are chandeliers that are equipped with real candles, but they are, among other things for its functionality, more unusual. Today, the most normal thing is to use light bulbs or LED lights, who often have no way of sailing ! The result of chandeliers with lighted bulbs is I simply unique!


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