Use of Tight Clothing Can Cause Candidiasis

Intimate hygiene is important to women’s health, to prevent the incidence of fungus and disease. Candidiasis, for example, is common in 80% of women, according to the Brazilian Society of Gynecology.

The gynecologist and obstetrician of the clinical staff of the Hospital and maternity ward Two Pines, Roseane Webster, explains that candidiasis is an infection caused by fungus, which can generate nuisances like burning, itching or vaginal discharge.

The infection can be developed from internal or external factors.

“There are many factors that trigger. Bad cleaning of underwear or genital area, stress situations, use of tight clothes (particularly jeans), indiscriminate use of antibiotics and pregnancy are some of the most common, “says Brandie.

The treatment is done with medication by prescription, according to each case.


* For those who have the habit of washing your underwear in the bathroom, it is important that the clothes stand exposed to the Sun to dry, in order to avoid fungi.

* Avoid situations of stress or physical/emotional (like moving house or job, relationship, etc).

* Avoid using drugs that are not prescribed by doctors, especially antibiotics.

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