Urban Clothing: Everything You Need to Dress with Style

If we attend to the Street style most current can see how urban clothing has become one of the main weapons to Dress comfortably and with a lot of style. The key to everything is bet on very simple fashion garments, but with urban touches which, combined together, ensure us a unique estilazo.

Key style to dress up with urban clothing

Let’s review some of the main key style for wearing urban clothes and hitting at all times. It is important to be clear that a urban look is not synonymous with left, quite the opposite. The essence is know how to combine Basic garments to achieve stunning outfits according to Gametate.

1.    The allies as great jeans

One of the pieces of urban clothing that can not miss on any female wardrobe are jeans. Currently, we can find denim garments following all kinds of styles, colors and washes. But, advocating a simple blue jeans is essential to get the best looks every day. We can combine them with t-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies, if we are looking for a more neutral or simple styling. If, on the contrary, we want to achieve a more sophisticated look will have to bet on much more irreverent and daring combinations. Sweatshirts and t-shirts for every day

Urban clothing is characterised by being extremely functional and comfortable. But wear a simple t-shirt is not at odds with succumbing to the fashion rules. Currently the sweatshirts are part of the day to day of the wardrobe of any fashionista and we can not ignore them. Combining spacious sweatshirts with short skirts or midi is another essential trends to achieve a fabulous urban style .

T-shirts, on the other hand, are super versatile to match all types of garments ideal. Personally, simple t-shirts with messages or funny pictures fascinate me. Simple and irreverent dresses

If you are looking for as succumbing to the urban style and you love dresses, a good solution is to opt for simple, very basic, articles that advocate for monochrome super neutral colors. If you combine them with your fashion sneakers you’ll be hitting full. Perfect military parkas

Without a doubt, military-style parkas are the perfect urban garment for every day. We can include them in sober outfits and simple or looks much more striking. That Yes, this season have to bet on a parka in khaki and abundant hair on the hood. Urban shoes to finish off the look

We finished our key style for wearing urban clothes speaking of footwear fashion. Some months ago, the magazine Vogue said that the end of the slippers for heels was just around the corner. Indeed, it seems that the mistake was emphatic. Simple shoes are still trendy and serve to complement all types of outfits.