Ultra Lightweight Hiking Equipment

Earlier this week, I showed a kit with basic equipment easy for one person. In this post I thought to tell about Sea To Summit Tarp-Poncho. This is a combo garments for those who want to travel really light. The garment can be used as a poncho in motion and then tightened up a tarp at the break. Garment replaces rainwear, rucksack rain cover and can be used as protection for the night. Tarpen is quite small so it might be good to add a waterproof sleeping bag cover if you stay overnight in a humid climate.

Sea To Summit Tarp-Poncho
On this walk, I used a Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Tarp-Poncho. This model is now updated and changed its name to the Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho. Basically it’s the same product, but it has succeeded in reducing the weight and volume a little by a new material.


This is an ultra-lightweight poncho equipped with a hood with a screen to keep the rain away. Push buttons on the sides hold it together when it is used as a poncho. Folded and hung it acts as an effective protection against the rain when you’re sleeping under the sky. As the tarp holds 1-2 people plus packing, the manufacturer says that it is for 2 people but then we must expect that it will be crowded.

Tarp-Poncho is designed to protect you and your backpack brand in torrential rain but it is also ideal for temperate climates where a waterproof jacket would be too sweaty to use.

To sleep under the tarp gives a more open feel than a tent and you come closer to nature. They also avoid condensation because air can circulate freely. The temperature will be slightly cooler than when sleeping in tents, which can affect the choice of sleeping bag.

* Ultra lightweight poncho that can also be used as a tarp or floor
* Can be worn over a large backpack
* Fully waterproof with taped seams
* Ergonomic hood with brim
* Silicon coating causes water can be “shaken”
* Dimensions: 145 x 280 cm
* Weight 282 grams