UEFA Europa League Final 2015 Live Stream

Wednesday, may 27, the final is played in UEFA Europa League 2014/2015. The final will take place in Warsaw. The contest is between Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and FC Sevilla.What time this match? The finale televised live by RTL 7.What time the show? What is the history of UEFA Europa League expired?

History Europe League

The Euroleague is actually the common continuation of two large Europcup tournaments and a smaller tournament.Denomination the Europa League has been around since 2009.Tournament Champions League has come up, has a long and rich history.
As of 1960/1961 season organize UEFA EM II. In this tournament could go the Cup winners of the European countries. Since 1955 there was already a European Champions Cup. With the arrival of a new European championship tournament for winners cup, where the tournament will be called the national champions and EUROPEAN CUP was the tournament Cup winners named EM II.
The most successful team in the history of the EM II FC Barcelona. The Spanish club won the European Cup four times. In addition, the Catalan club two times the losing finalist. Only a Dutch club managed to win EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP: Ajax won the Cup in 1987, defeating in the final FC Lokomotive Leipzig.In 1988, Ajax lost the final of the Belgian KV Mechelen. The latest edition of the Eurocup II was recorded in 1999. Lazio won the Cup that year, of Mallorca in the final with a 2-1 defeat. After the release was Eurocup II in the revamped UEFA Cup.
The UEFA Cup has been around since the 1971/1972 season. This tournament was called by UEFA in life, to the clubs and subtopclubs from different countries that had no champion and no cup winner, still give the opportunity to participate in an official European club tournament. Before that, there was an unofficial tournament called the Fairs Cup, but it was a private initiative and replaced often both in design and in terms of the rules that teams were allowed to participate. UEFA Cup is sometimes called Eurocup III.
In 1999 it merged with the UEFA Cup, EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP (II): both clubs qualified through the usual national competition for the UEFA Cup, as the team that won the National Cup, now played together in a tournament, which retained the old name UEFA Cup. In 2009 merged also the tournament for UEFA Intertoto Cup to the UEFA Cup. During the 2009 UEFA Cup therefore renamed the UEFA Europa League.
Intertoto Cup
Intertoto Cup was a smaller and much less important tournament, where teams participated in through their leagues had not qualified for European football. The name?? Intertoto?? thanked this tournament one of the original reasons for this tournament was set up: the bookmakers profit became more international matches, which could be spent. Originally Intertoto an initiative that was outside UEFA but mid-nineties UEFA took over the tournament and made it possible for teams that qualify through the Intertoto Cup for the UEFA Cup.
Palmares UEFA Cup and Europa League
Four clubs successful three times to take overall victory in the tournament for the UEFA Cup. Triple winners are: Juventus, Inter, Liverpool FC and Sevilla. The most successful Dutch Club Feyenoord in the history of this tournament. They won the UEFA Cup twice: in 1974 and 2002. AJAX won the tournament in 1992 and PSV won in 1978.

UEFA Europa League 2014/2015

In total no less than 196 football clubs involved in Champions League 2014/2015. Mission in the Netherlands originally took the following clubs took part in the Europa League: FC Groningen, PSV, FC Twente, PEC Zwolle and Feyenoord. After the winter went Ajax takes part in the Europa League, as a result of their third place in the group stage of the Champions League.
FC Groningen was eliminated in the second qualifying round of Europa League 2014/2015. PEC Zwolle and FC Twente were eliminated in the play-off round. In the group stage Feyenoord developed very strongly and was first in Group G, the reigning Cup holders Sevilla. PSV also played quite well and finished second in their group behind Dinamo Moscow. On behalf of the Netherlands took PSV, Feyenoord and Ajax in the last 32 of the Europa League. PSV and Feyenoord were eliminated in the round. AJAX took still eighth final and it was disabled by Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.
Europa League semi-final 2015
Team Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine, which had eliminated Ajax, plays in the semifinals against the Italian team Napoli. The first leg ended 1-1. Then the Ukrainian team defeated the Italian team at home 1-0 Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and then went to the finals.
The other semi-final was played between Spain’s Seville and Italy’s Fiorentina. Sevilla won the first leg 3-0 and won the second match 2-0. The Reigning champions went so compelling to the Europa League final in 2015.

Venue: National Stadium

UEFA Europa League 2015 final will be played at the National Stadium in the Polish capital Warsaw. The Polish name Stadium: Stadion Narodowy. This stadium was built over the period 2008-2011. The National Stadium was played during the European Football Championship 2012 from five matches including the semi-final between Germany and Italy. Italy won the match 1-2. The stadium has a capacity of 58 500 spectators. The National Stadium is the place where the national team Poland usually plays its home games. The arena is also used regularly for major concerts. Including Madonna, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Depeche Mode, Metallica, and Roger Waters played at the National Stadium.

Finalists: Preview-Sevilla FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk

Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk
FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk is a club from the Ukrainian Dnipropetrovsk site. The Association was founded in 1918. It was originally a club for workers from the Petrovsky factory. The team has twice won the Championship of the Soviet Union and when the cup of the Soviet Union.
Sevilla FC
The Spanish club Sevilla FC was formed in 1905. The team was once the Spanish champions five times and won the Spanish Cup. Remarkably enough, the club won the Champions League three times, namely in 2006, 2007 and 2014.
Preview Europa League Final 2015: who’s the favorite?
Spain’s Sevilla FC is undoubtedly the favorite to again win the Europa League. This team is, unlike other good teams from leading countries, often the real purpose of the Europa League. The Spaniards will be even more motivated 2015 as the winner in the Europa League 2015 will qualify automatically for the Champions League in 2015-2016. Still, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in the finals shall not be regarded as completely hopeless. The Ukrainian Club has a tough law, which is not easy to leave out and play hard to beat.

Stats Europe League final 2015

The match started at 20:45. The referee was Englishman Atkinson. There were 56 000 spectators in attendance.
Results: Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk-Sevilla FC 2-3 

  • Goals Dnipro: Kalinic and rattan
  • The destination Seville: Krychowiak and Bacca

Setting Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk: 

  • Bojko, Fedetskyj, Douglas Bacelar, Tsjeberjatsjko, Léo Matos, Kankava, Matheus, basket, Fedortsjoek, Konopljanka and Kalinic.

Setting Sevilla FC: 

  • Sergio Rico, Vidal, Carrico, Kolodziejczak, Tremoulinas, M Bia, Reyes, Banega, and Krychowiak Bacca, Vitolo.


  • Yellow card Dnipro: Kankava, Kalinic, Bezoes, braided and Léo Matos.
  • Yellow card Seville: Bacca, and Krychowiak Carrico.

Live on TV: RTL7

The final of the UEFA Europa League 2015 live TV broadcast of the station RTL7. The presenter becomes Wilfred Genee. Analysts are likely to Johan Derksen and Wim Kieft. The program begins at 8 p.m.

Previous issue: UEFA Europa League Final in 2014

The final of the UEFA Europa League 2013/2014 was recorded Wednesday 14 may 2014. The competition took place at Juventus Stadium in Turin. The final was between Spain’s Sevilla FC and Portuguese SL Benfica.After both regular time and after extension of half-time was 0-0. Eventually a penalty shootout had to bring the decision. Sevilla won the series 4-2.