U.S. Stores Give Away HP Tablet

Price of the two versions of the device fell more than 50% after HP announce that don’t will manufacture more tablets, and smartphones.

After announcing that it will discontinue its products with the operating system WebOS, the Palm Pre 2 smartphone and TouchPad tablet, the company began to liquidate stocks. This weekend, many stores started selling the TouchPad with R $157 prices ($ $99) for the 16 GB model, and R $237 (US $ $149) for the 32 GB model. There are reports that prices have fallen too in Canada stores.

Best Buy, for example, that still retains some TouchPad ads in stores by R $635 ($ $399). In a note in the forum for customers, the direction of the store stated that will sell all your remaining stock of TouchPads at promotional price. The sale is limited to one unit per customer and there is no guarantee that all the stores have the tablet in stock.

Consumers who bought the tablet at Best Buy in the last 14 days will also return the appliance if repent buying after the announcement from HP. The store will refund the user according to the applicable return policy.

Short life

Released in early July in the United States, the TouchPad will no longer be produced, after HP’s decision to end your Division of tablets and smartphones . The product was the bet of the company to compete on the world market for tablets, dominated by Apple’s iPad. The device, although present some strengths, was the target of criticism as the lack of available applications and “stranded” in stocks of lojas americanas .

To leverage sales, HP did followed cuts in the price of the appliance during the last few weeks, but it ended by announcing that it will not produce more tablet or smartphones with WebOS. From now on, it is possible that the company licenses the system to other manufacturers of these products.

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