Types of Knives

Diving knives

The first thing you have to keep in mind when purchasing a dive knife is that it is not a weapon but a tool. Its main use will be free from being hooked on any network or underwater vegetation.

Types of Knives

It is advisable to opt for a flat tip, as too sharp point you can bring unintended and unexpected problems punctures, cuts even in the suit. Ideally, a knife with a serrated edge and a smooth, since it will serve you for different situations, both to cut nets and hawsers as vegetation. Interestingly cutters have a well in the tip of the handle or bristle.

The size is more subjective. Not because it is bigger better knife. Looking for a knife that is comfortable and the handle fits perfectly in your hand. When purchasing a knife right size will not bother you when they bind to the leg or put it in the jacket.

The blade of a knife diving has to prevent corrosion caused by the salt water from the sea, like camping, according to Bridgat.com. The best option is a stainless steel blade or bring a seawater resistant finish. There are knives where the blade can be removed to clean and lubricate the pin.

A knife of a bright color can be a good choice to locate when you fall. Prevents plastic materials of low quality, since corrode quickly. A hammer on the handle can be a very useful accessory on occasion.

Hunting knives

The hunting knives are intended primarily designed for the auction of dejected pieces, skinning and cleaning of parts. They have a very particular design, with very sharp for puncturing the skin of the animal correctly leaves. A hunting knife has to be light and wide, so that the center of gravity should be as close as possible to the hand for greater control when strike down the part.

Therefore the type of steel is very important. Looking for a tough but flexible enough so that it can properly handle the different bending and twisting without breaking steel.

The blade hunting knives must have a point sharp enough to pierce the skin without breaking it. The blade can be double-edged for better penetration or with a very sharp edge. It is convenient to have a good guard or defense to protect the hand and avoid unnecessary cuts when the knife sticking in the piece.

Some hunting knives incorporated in its end a hook for flaying.

Military knives

Military knives and blades are used by the various elite corps and armies, but its use has been extended thanks to its versatility. The military knife must respond to a dual use, first as a weapon, use less common, on the other hand as standard equipment. The most common use is given to a knife or military knife usually act as a lever when opening cans, boxes or drums, so that the steel should be easy to sharpen and strong, yet flexible enough so it will not break.

A knife or military knife we also can be used to dig holes, so that the blade should be straight and wide, with a minimum of 6 millimeters thick. On some models the pin is not integral, which is an advantage when isolate the user from electrical currents. Knives with a sturdy knob we can also serve as rompevidrios.

Knives and rescue

The rescue knives or blades have to be mainly efficient and versatile. It should be a multipurpose knife that can be used in any situation that comes our way. With anatomical and nonslip grip so that it fits perfectly to hand. Some models have a hook on the end to cut faster, for example, belts.

Size matters a knife salvage should be as manageable as possible, in case of knives, the lock must be designed to collect the sheet quickly and smooth.

An important feature is incorporated with a knob steel to break glass in case of emergency. The handle must be isolated if you cut electrical equipment.

Survival knives

There are certain things you should take into account when deciding to buy a survival knife. Ideally possesses an integral sheet, it will be less likely to break. There are people who, in addition to the knife, also carries a survival knife for lighter tasks.

It is recommended that the length of the blade is between 10-15 centimeters. A short blade can give more flexibility to act, a longer sheet provides more power and durability and can carry heavier as the machete actions. They are generally designed to blunt not accidentally puncture the rescued.

A serrated blade is useful for cutting ropes and perform certain activities. A straight edge is easier to clean and sharpen and will provide cleaner cuts. Survival knives today usually bring some useful like flint, rompevidrios or whistle, and a part in the grips prepared to fire bow.