Twitter: More Than 300 Million Users, But Lose Money

A customer base of over 300 million is not in itself a success, Twitter loses 162 million dollars at the year’s first three months.

Twitter is now regarded as one of the older and more established players within social media, trying still to make it profitable. The company filled the 9 year back in March of this year, and even though they still continue to pull new users in and increase earnings, there is still a loss at the bottom line.

The company now has 302 million users, an increase of 18 percent compared to the same time last year, turnover increased by 74 percent, all but one reached only 436 million dollars out of the predicted 440 million. At the end of the day can Twitter enter a loss at the bottom line on 162 million dollars for the first three months of the year 2015.

Twitter addresses problems in several ways, first of all, considerably more emphasis on video content, their live-streaming service got over a million users the first ten days, despite the fact that the application was not available on Android.

Since Twitter now has some investors to be satisfied, they must necessarily also ensure that earnings are rising, it makes one by both buying Tell Apart, a marketing company which has previously worked with Facebook’s advertising department and integrate Google DoubleClick platform that should make it easier for advertisers to present over the efficacy of advertising.