Tutorial: Makeup Black Eye for Ballad

Every weekend is the same thing to me before you leave because it takes me a long time to choose the look of the night, not to be late I always use the same trick-after drying your hair start make while I think of clothes that I will use! But for this work end up doing makes Jokers, that combine with everything not to limit production.

With that in mind, I decided to show my step by step makeup super fast–5 minutes–how to make a olhão black for ballad. This make combines with almost all shades of skin and hair, is a makeup to stay hot and risk in “all eye“, but if you do not want lipstick nude at the end can be “too“. Let’s go to the step by step!

How to do black eye for Ballad:



1-Outline the eyes with a black eye pencil (Eye Kohl in Smolder color-MAC) and mark the concave in the format drawn in the picture step by step.

2-Fill in the outline done previously with the eyeliner to make a base for the black shadow and give depth to the look.

3-Apply the black shadow (Black Tied–MAC) with a blending brush (No. 13-UBU) in shuttle movements, focusing more shade in the middle and the outer corner of the eyes.

4-With a small beveled brush (No. 36-UBU), blending the edges of the shadow to not let make so marked.

5-Apply the eyeliner black on waterline and also outline the bottom of the eyes.

6-Finally, apply two coats of mascara (Haute & Naughty-MAC) in upper and lower eyelashes.

You wear black in the ballad to olhão.

Photos: Fashion Frisson

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