Today Is St. George, Gives a Luxury Book

Today it is San Jorge, pattern of half Spain and it is tradition to give a book and a red rose. It is important that the rose is red, since the legend says that the blood of the dragon killed by St. George, is to save the Princess.

As for the book, Unesco declared the day of the feast of Saint as brave, the international day of the book, to commemorate the death of the two great authors of universal literature, William Shakespeare and our Miguel de Cervantes.

Although men have it easy because the Red Roses do not support discussion, we have selected a few luxury books to help the “princesses” to achieve total success with his gift of San Jorge.

For lovers of fashion (and if you want to check it out you also) “The Little Black Jacket” of Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, It is a good choice. A tour of the centers of the world glamour, from Cannes, New York and Paris, through the evolution of the fetish of Chanel piece: the black blazer. Its versatility goes to adapt from the most classic to the most extreme punk.

And without leaving the fashion or to the “kaiser” and in the event (which is a very big) that manage to find it, the maison view from inside. The book “Merci, Karl”, which features the adventures and misadventures of our beloved and admired Arnaud Maillard, Yes, the other half from Alvaro Castejón in Alvarno, over 15 years as Karl Lagerfeld’s right-hand. An essential, I do not understand as yet not published in Spain.

And speaking of icons of fashion, a few months ago our colleague Almudena announced the book “Timeless Icon”, which had been presented during the fashion week in Milan, on the Princess Diana de Gales. If you acquire it, also you will be providing your two cents to the fight against childhood cancer, since proceeds from the book go for research.

If who you are going to give away book is a lover of art and culture the publishing house Taschen is perfect. Within its vast catalogue of copies, “The Pucci Book” about Emilio Pucci written by Vanessa Friedman, the Finacial Times fashion editor. It’s a limited edition of 10,000 copies, each bound with a Pucci original fabric.

Here, among many others, some of the books that should be in any library that boasts. Also books of travel, as the World Tour of Vuitton, the history of the champagne of Jordi Melendo (congratulations!) or any one of the many that you are going to recommend in Embelezzia.

Select which will most probably or the like, and celebrates San Jorge with tradition, because as I said at this morning a well-known businesswoman “traditions are to follow them and feel them”.