Tips:How to Use the Cardigan

Hello lovelies!!! All right? Today I’m talking about a very versatile piece that can not miss in the closet, “cardigan (Cardigan) is a democratic piece and can appear in the clothing of women in all seasons. The cardigan is made of wool, with buttons on the front, practical and with varied models.

Tips on how to combine the cardigan

The cardigan is very versatile, indispensable in look female, since he creates numerous combinations to the days with mild temperatures. So with the play it is possible to compose from the most deprived classical productions. The cardigans are usually made of wool with long sleeves and front buttons, but can be found in a variety of colors, lengths and versions eestampas,including the floral. In the anything-goes look, skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses and leggings. To be harmonious combine it to the rest of the look to keep the silhouette in evidence without seem larger. Invest in accessories
Once they enrich the look.

-The cardigan can be combined with various types of clothing, from a basic to a regatinha dress. The secret is knowing what kind and what use it. For example, he looks great when used in conjunction with a tailoring, trousers or even jeans. In the first case, choose that have a more classic cut to match the concept passed by tailoring.
-It can also be used without fear with skirts, especially in warmer weather. And there is a specific type of skirt, you can vary according to the modeling or pattern of cardigan, and may use up with skirt dancer type
. If the weather is too cold, nothing better than a pantyhose to give that little Spitfire.
-Shorts are also a great choice for use in the summer, by alleviating the excessive heat from the station.
-The dresses are also not out, when combined with a cardigan, earn an additional charm, it also breaks some of the seriousness of the dress, leaving the look more stripped. You can match the colors of the two pieces using the contrast. For example, a nude dress looks great when worn with a black cardigan. Already the floral dresses and/or romantic, ask for a more delicate, with a similar tone.
-You can also use accessories to enhance the look. Belts, for example, are a charm when used with the open part and marking the waist, but opt for the more slender, so visual don’t be aggressive.

I separated some cardigan models I found beautiful, hope you guys like it too, I’m in love with cardign I have grown to love through Isabella fiorentino, that always shows in the fashion squad pretty cardigans, and as Isabella says and a play Joker, that every woman should have. And vcs love use cardigan? What do you think about this versatile piece?
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