Tips to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

It’s not news that every woman likes to perfect on makeup when you leave the house, except that it is not always so easy to touch up your makeup during the day or a particular event, the way, then, is to pray for the makeup hold out as long as it takes, right? Wrong, because some tips can help you to make your makeup last longer, without having to resort to Saint or promise, and is what we show here and now, a few tricks for your makeup last longer and stay flawless until the end of the day.

Let’s combine, though powder your nose already is part of the routine of women, who wouldn’t skip that part? Is the lipstick that’s gone, the shadow that erased, theblush that disappeared, that is, all the production made with the greatest affection often ill wait till the middle of the day, however, very quiet at this time, I can to reverse this situation. Watch these foolproof tips to make your makeup last longer and you can carve it up for much longer.

There is no doubt the power of a make, for example, the blush helps define the features of the face, reveal the structure of the face and provide a healthy and natural color to the cheeks, the shadow is a strong ally when it comes to valuing the look, which in addition to highlighting the eyelids, she is able to illuminate the expression, disguise dark circles and to increase or decrease the size of the eyes so, see now how to do this makeup last much longer:

Identify your skin type

First of all it is good to know that one of the great villains of the durability of the make’s oiliness of the skin, which causes the makeup Chop Shop quickly, so you need to know what your skin type to be able to use the right products and prepare the skin to receive the basic coverage, powder and concealer. Avoid that the skin becomes too shiny or dry is to guarantee that the makeup will last, i.e. the care begins before applying any product, first, make sure your skin is clean.

For example, who has oily skin, should have more care in time to put on makeup. So, before you start, wash thoroughly the face with anti-glare products or anti-oleosidade to remove excess sebum and impurities. A tip is to use a facial tonic or saline to remove excess sebum and impurities, which clog the pores.

Already, who has dry skin, apply only a facial moisturizer that is not too oily, to avoid that the skin being too bright or too dry. Remember that any type of oil contributes to the make up skirt quickly, because the excessive oiliness of the skin is mixed with the products, hindering their fixation.

Tips for your makeup last longer
-Wrap a block of ice in cold saline gauze or cotton, and pass on the face, it also helps to close the pores and fix her makeup.

-Well, after cleaning it’s time to use a spray fixative of makeup (before and after) and a primer to disguise imperfections and smooth the surface.

-The time has come to apply the base, and for those who are undecided about the color to be used, the trick is to find the nearest tone of your skin tone, not to mention the type of each: dry skin need a base that has vitamins to moisturize, while oily skin ask for products that control the excess glitter.

-Apply the powder with the help of a soft brush, for a better finish.

-Invest in liquid blush to make makeup last longer because it has good fixation, as the blush come out easily, especially when it’s powder. But it is important because it defines the features and leaves a natural look. Apply the blush giving Pat liquid with your finger.

-Time to apply the shadow, before applying a concealer, foundation and powder on the eyelids to make makeup last longer because the correction comes into contact with the shadow, which is dry, and improves her grip on the skin, not to mention that it serves to reveal the true color of the shadow. If the shade is creamy, apply with gentle pat to secure well. For powder eye shadow, use a wet brush to make the pigment alive. And avoid using moisturizer on site because they will leave oily skin and the shadow will depositing in the wrinkles of the eyelid, forming wrinkles. Already the basis and the compact dull, serve to form a cover and secure better and longer shadow.

-Prefer the pencil and mascara waterproof to smudge and not let the ugly appearance and stained.
-As for the lipstick, to secure more lips, apply it in stages, the first layer with a brush, remove excess with a tissue, and then pass the powder over the top and gently pass the fingertip into powder and give pat on the lips and pass another layer of lipstick. Also worth investing in to fix pencil cosmetic. The pencil can be applied around the lip, and not only in outline. Then, pass the lipstick.

-But who don’t want to use color on your lips, but you don’t want to go around with that look of dry mouth, the tip is to use only a gloss, which is more practical, though not last a long time.

-Invest in tissues, the press always in the bag, because they are great for removing oil from the face. So, when you need me just press lightly the tissue on the skin, this will help remove the grease points and let your makeup last longer, flawlessly, without blurring.

-Finally, the finishing touch to help makeup last longer is appealing to the power of a makeup fixer spray, that in addition to protecting any alteration, makes the products applied on the face until they are removed. It is ideal to ensure the integrity of the look in events that require large production, as parties and weddings.

Time to remove the makeup

-It is very important, as we’ve talked about many times here on the Site of beauty and fashion, removing the makeup to Unclog pores and leave your skin breathe. Sleep with the face makeup can leave skin more oily, so much so that there is a type of acne, known as cosmetic, acne caused by clogging the pores due to regular use of oily products.

-Ideal for removing makeup is a good makeup remover, which can be lotion, cleansing foam, gel, liquid or two-phase, in addition to the moistened wipes, which are very practical, use a makeup remover that conforms to your skin. For example, oily skin, should not use any kind of oil or cream makeup remover, just oil free (no oil on composition).

-Always wash your face after removing makeup, with a smooth or soap for sensitive skin. No soaps that dry skin very much right now, as the antiseptic with triclosan or antiacneicos that contain sulfur or salicylic acid.

-Important to check if there’s no trace of makeup, because your pores closed can, over time, cause acne and premature aging of the skin.