Tips on How to Use the Cardigan

The piece is democratic and men and women can use it!

Did you know that the cardigan (or Cardigan) is a democratic piece and can appear in the clothing of women in all seasons of the year? The cardigan is made of wool, with buttons on the front, practical and with varied models.But not only for them not:in men’s clothing, the clothes also present and according to corporate and personal image consultant Andrea Neiva, is a wild card in their wardrobe!

The hagah hitched a ride on the subject and asked for some Tips for the consultant of how to use the cardigan. Write it down!
:: hagah:can I combine a cardigan with which parts?
Andrea Neiva:The cardigan is a piece that is part of the coordinated wardrobe, precisely because it is extremely versatile and easy to combine. Can be used on top of shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, shorts, pants and skirts.
>> women’s clothing stores in Curitiba. Click here and check it out!:: hagah: Cardigan with dress work?
Andrea Neiva:Yes! Is a great option for half a season. Remembering that for dresses, it is important to pay close attention to their bodily proportions not to flatten the silhouette. For example, short dress and cardigan in the same length, only for the highest. For the low, the silhouette will be valued with a cardigan at waist.
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Andrea Neiva:For skirts,the same rule of dress.Special care for pencil skirts,which are better with cardigan at waist.
:: hagah:what are the main combinations that I can do?
Andrea Neiva:In a city like Curitiba, for example,the cardigan is essential for all occasions.It is worth mentioning that the cotton are best for casual situations (weekends, informal lunches,day-by-day) and silk or shiny for more elaborate situations (cocktails,dinners,ballads).
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:: hagah:what are the options that men can use under the cardigan.
Andrea Neiva:For men,the cardigan is also a play Joker.Can be used on top of shirts,t-shirts and poles.
>> men’s clothing stores in Curitiba.Click here and know where to find them!::hagah:and in relation to the bottom:jeans and slacks with matching cardigan.
Andrea Neiva:Yes! All the pants match very well with cardigan.The jeans look better with the sports models and the twill and tailoring look good with the cashmere sweater.
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hagah:younger people may also use this play or she’s better suited for the elderly?
Andrea Neiva:The cardigan is a piece that looks good for all ages,children already start to use it.The younger models have hood,zippers,stripes and can match with jeans and under blazers and jackets.