Tips For Washing Your Clothes Properly

We know that men are not always good at household chores, but with so many of you living alone, traveling to work and even needing help to girlfriends and wives that accumulate many functions and are also gone all day working, knowing some basic tips for washing your clothes, without damage them, is essential.

Imagine another situation: your wife travels for over a week and you don’t know how to wash those parts that will need in a few days. Will pay fortunes in the laundry? If this alternative is not an option, just roll up your sleeves, join the pile of clothes and then, in a few hours they will be clean and fragrant:

  • separate the whites from the colors, this is the most basic rule according to, and must be followed always;
  • When it is only the white wash, take the time to put the SOAP in the machine compartment and add Vanish in dust to keep the white clothing. This product must be used with the SOAP and will empower your purpose;
  • the dark clothes can be mixed (for example red t-shirt with black, colorful Plaid Shirt, denim shirt, etc), however, pay attention if the piece of extremely pigmented colors (such as red, black, jeans) is new, because in this case it should have its first washes made separately, i.e. only this piece and no other. That’s because the first few washes the piece fades much more than in following and can spot the other, even if they are too dark;
  • never use SOAP or fabric softener too much because these products in excess, rather than clean and leave smelling parts, let hardened and aged appearance, follow the instructions on the package of SOAP and when in doubt, go adding the SOAP gradually while beating your machine first cycle, so you will have control of the quantity of the product that must make bubbles at the beginning of the wash in moderate level;
  • follow exactly the instructions of your washing machine, each has different centrifuge and wash cycles;
  • Don’t let your clothes soak for excessive time, usually 30 to 40 minutes is long enough; only in the case of clothes with a lot of dirt or heavy stains should soak for full time machine sauce;
  • give preference to liquid soap instead of powder, he dissolves faster and does not stain your clothes;
  • If you are washing a mesh knit, cardigan etc, put in a pillowcase or laundry bag, close well and wash normally (avoiding the long sauce) and then, if you want to spin, although in the case of knitwear, the label always tell you not to do that, it is possible to fix the piece carefully around the drum of the washer and press the spin cycle. As soon as you’re done, remove the piece and put to dry on the Clothesline at your middle, putting a hairpin in cava shirt (where sleeve meets the body of the piece);
  • never leave the clothes to dry in the Sun;
  • Cashmere clothes must not, under any circumstances, be washed in the dishwasher or pass through the centrifuge process because shrink too much, the same is true for the linen. Here the wash is always at hand;
  • and, to finalising our tips, stay tuned always to the cleaning instructions of the play, to better understand what each symbol means, follow the instructions in the image below.