Tips for Using an Ergonomic Pillow

Change your pillow for an ergonomic pillow creates a large change in sleep patterns and sleep. It is therefore normal to need an adjustment period during which it is more difficult to sleep. After a few days, the benefits of the pillow begin to be felt.

This feeling is due to the fact that the neck must get used to being well positioned thanks to the ergonomic pillow. Using a classic pillow, neck is mostly poorly positioned.

For people of high weight, it is best to choose an ergonomic pillow more forcefully to ensure a better fit than a decorative pillow case.

> the ergonomic pillow choice should be based on his size, morphology and its sleeping position.

More we’re heavy and square, over the pillow should be thick.

People sleeping on the side can choose a wave-shaped ergonomic pillow that is particularly suited for this type of positions.

If you suffer from back pain and you have the habit of sleeping on the stomach, it is likely that the ergonomic pillow isn’t you a great help. Indeed, sleep on the stomach position is the one that generates the most tension in the back and neck. To reduce the pain, should change sleeping position and be equipped with an ergonomic pillow.

For people sleeping on the back, it is best to choose an ergonomic pillow that is not too thick.

Sleeping well is essential to have a neat and balanced lifestyle. Fatigue and nervousness are the first consequences of the lack of sleep. A good sleep quality is fundamental to be efficient and in good health.

Sleep on the side
People sleeping on the side are by far the most numerous. There is obviously a logical reason for this; This is the most comfortable position, and it’s one that offers the highest quality of sleep. This position is ideal for pregnant women since it facilitates blood circulation and avoids significant pressure on the baby still generates significant pressures at the level of the shoulder on which it is installed since it supports the majority of the weight of the body. Sleep on the side also causes pressure on the lungs and stomach, as well as pain in the bottom arm. Even those who keep the arm stretched out to avoid cutting blood circulation are facing important constraints on the nerves and muscles.

According to Chinese medicine, it is recommended to sleep on the right side. Sleep in this position promotes the blood supply to the liver. In addition, in this position the food to digest more easily pass from the stomach to the intestines for mechanical reasons, allowing easier digestion. Ideally, the right arm should be folded in front of the ergonomic pillow and the left arm extended along the body. The legs should be slightly bent, indeed sleeping gun dog promotes muscle relaxation.

Like to sleep on their backs to sleep on the side, it is advisable to use an ergonomic pillow to keep the neck in alignment with the rest of the spine in order to avoid pain in the neck. Attention is not the same ergonomic pillows to sleep on their backs. For this position, the ergonomic pillow should be thick enough to ensure proper placement of the spinal column.