Tips for Perfect Wedding

If you are invited in the coming months to a wedding, it is highly recommended that when choosing your look, it takes into account the following tricks to become the perfect guest:

Tips for Perfect Wedding

-Dresses for a wedding day: for a day wedding dresses short, pastel or soft is recommended. You can also use the design with floral fabrics in weddings that take place in the morning. Without a doubt, it is time to wear hats, hats or headdresses. For strapless dresses, I advise you that Bullfighter use cut jackets or shawls.

-Dresses for a wedding night: for weddings that are held in the evening are perfect long dresses, but you can also choose to type cocktail dresses. Even you can be dressed fancy as those who wear bright ornaments or pallets. Stoles or hair wraps are perfect to deal with low temperatures that may occur on the wedding night.

-The colors of the dress: it is not recommended that go to a dressed in white wedding, because it is a color reserved exclusively for brides. Monochromatic dresses in beige, ivory, make-up, raw or champagne are a great success. The black color is not an option right for the wedding day, but whether for evening weddings. At the wedding at night, you can also use very aggressive as the Fuchsia or red colors dresses.

-Type of guest: when to choose your look, it is very important to take into account what type of guest are you. It is not the same to be the best friend of the bride, who will be the sister of the groom or a couple’s distant cousin. So, it is best that you flee from the exaggerations and remember that less is more.

-Standards in Accessories: If you have thought to wear gloves, I recommend that you note the following; If your dress has sleeves French use short gloves and if your dress is short sleeves or straps, then use long gloves.

Eye-catching and long necklaces are recommended especially for break looks too sober. If your dress is striking if you use only a discrete set of jewelry. If you will use a few long earrings to lengthen their necks, I advise not to use necklaces and chokers.

Always use small handbags. For example; jewel bags are perfect for transforming the outfits too boring. And it is not necessary that bag that you use is the same color as the footwear.


Better to prevent than cure: to avoid heels to ruin a cute moment, suggest that put stockings and apply anti-chafing creams before you. It is also very important to train shoes three days before the wedding, so they are taking the form of his feet. In addition, you can take in a bag a few dancers to move after the ceremony.

-The collected according to its Constitution and the gown: weddings the collected are not too formal, rather opt for the dishevelled monkeys to accompany dresses with v neckline For dresses with straps too fine or dresses strapless wear loose hair or semirecogidos hairstyles.

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