Tips for Dying Your Hair

  1. Before solid: the first thing to do is wash your hair with a shampoo quality to remove pollutants from your hair.Do not use the conditioner or shampoo and conditioner mixtures that are available in a single bottle. The air conditioner will prevent the dye from penetrating into the hair.If your scalp is smooth and sensitive or your hair is damaged or dyed, wait about a day after washing before using a solid or permanent.
  2. In the course of painting:
    Follow the mixing instructions exactly as they are. Use gloves and an old towel, for when you colored your hair.To prevent the paint adhere to skin, use a cream or petroleum jelly around the hairline, but it would be better not to apply the cream on your hair dye hair otherwise it would be useless.
    3. After coloring:
    Because the color of the hair is kept longer, rinse your hair with a lemon based solution immediately after dyeing.This increases the resistance of colored hair. Another method is to put two tablespoons of hair dye in your air conditioner Leave the conditioner on your hair 3-5 minutes, then rinse the hair with warm water. This restores the color that has been washed. Remember that changing your hair color is not a bad thing, but be sure to follow the instructions of the product. Some tips from the hair salon will be helpful, so try to talk to him if you have time. Enjoy your new look!