These Autumn Outfits Will Love You!

At the fashion show of Ernsting’s family in early July I was already allowed to take a first look at the autumn outfits. And what I have learned, I would not want to deprive you of course! That is why I present to you the most important fashion trends, without which we would soon not want to go out.


When the temperatures get colder again, I like to cuddle myself in a warm blanket and drink a cup of tea. With ponchos , we can have that cuddly feeling in the office or in the café! Thanks to this fashion trend, we can also throw a warming blanket over the shoulders in the public – and even look totally casual and chic. Whether your preferred or open ponchos prefers, is by the way totally irrelevant. My tip for the autumn outfit: Models with fringes are particularly trendy.

Down Jackets

When it is winter, a poncho is not enough. There must be more to protect us from the icy cold! A well-known option here are down jackets or down jackets that will make a comeback next season. The models of Ernsting’s family will be particularly light and consist of 80% down and 20% springs. Thanks to the RDS certification , we can even carry them without a bad conscience, because a livestock of the animals is thereby excluded for example. My tip for the autumn outfit: With the jackets and waistcoats prefer to put on monochrome so that you have as many combinations as possible. Color accents prefer to put through colorful scarves.

Pastel Colors

Gray shades are particularly elegant, easy to combine and fit well to the cold seasons. Otherwise, the colors remain rather cautious in the next season. Anyone who takes pastel tones can do nothing wrong. Rosé and pistachio will be particularly popular. My tip for the autumn outfit: If you like it a bit stronger, should be to Weinrot or a strong green grab. Because these two colors also show trends.


The true all-rounder in autumn and winter will be overalls. In the summer we have already got to know many airy variants. Now come the winter models with long sleeves! Combined with sturdy ankle boots, they are an absolute eye-catcher and suitable for many everyday situations based on And the best thing: when we buy a jumpsuit, we have almost a complete outfit geshoppt! My tip for the autumn outfit: Make sure that the jumpsuit has a cuffs at waist height or simply drapes a belt around the waist. Otherwise the beautiful It-Piece looks like a sack.