These Are the Films Nominated to the Oscar

The count starts countdown to the Oscars. In the category of Best costume design We have stunning works, to a character that is responsible for giving the final character of the production, and in Jezebel, we have made a review all of them. Carol, the reborn, Cinderella, the Danish girl and Mad Max: Fury road are the films that will compete for the statuette on Feb. 28. Who will be the winner?

Sandy Powell by ‘Carol’

Twelve nominations and three time winner of the Oscar, costume designer Sandy Powell It is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized and respected industry creative talents. In fact this year has double nomination, by the film which concerns us and Cinderella which we will see later.

Carol It is set in New York in 1950. It is an adaptation of the novel Carol or the price of salt, Patricia Highsmith, and has great interpretations of Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Powell took a naturalistic approach to the creation of the costumes. The character of Carol (Blanchett) It goes to fashion but without excess, enough so impressed the character of Therese (Mara). A woman who wears fur, bright coats, hats… Powell explains that: “my job was to help create the characters and make them credible to each other and to the audience”.

Sandy Powell for ‘Cinderella’

Sandy Powell It was chosen for the costumes for Cinderella, one of the favorite stories of all. The appearance of the film should evoke the majestic opulence of a Kingdom of fairy tale, not only in the locker room, also in the decorations. Both are inspired by the mid-nineteenth century: explosion of colors, bright fabrics and the participation of Swarovski, which provides more than 1.7 million crystals between accessories, jewelry, wigs, and the mythical Crystal shoe. Also, almost all the dresses and suits carry crystals.

The blue dress that opens this post, the protagonist of the film, is made up of a tight corset and skirt, in turn, composed of eight skirts with tail and 85,000 Swarovski crystals.

Jacqueline West by the reborn (The Revenant)

The reborn It is the favorite film to win the Oscar for best picture, best leading Actor and best Director, so, as we have not spoken of her wardrobe, we are going to focus more broadly. Here there is glamour, but quite the opposite. To portray the world as it was in 1823, with Indians and hunters, costume designer Jacqueline West (Argo, the curious case of Benjamin Button), nominated twice for the Academy Award, wanted to go beyond the cliches. West drew influences from a wide variety of artists, namely paintings and sketches of two well-known artists of the time: Alfred Jacob Miller, who moved to the Rocky Mountains in the middle of the 19th century and was one of the few artists who captured unfolded how life there; and Karl Bodmer, a Swiss painter known for his portraits of native Americans, especially of the tribe sent South Dakota.

A painting in particular served as inspiration for the appearance of the character who plays Leonardo DiCaprio, a nothing ostentatious character: “is a picture of a native Hunter, absolutely surrounded by forest, who wears a frock-coat hooded extremely simple. Alexander loved it when I taught it because you like the modest things but not at all uncomfortable. He likes the person occurs through your clothes”. His shirt is wide and very functional, made in linen.

The character of Fitzgerald, interpreted by Tom Hardy, It looks also parts of animals in her wardrobe. All skins used in the film come from Pacific Fur Trade, acquiring them in the Parks Department, and were extracted all humanely.

The appearance of the hunters is particular to each of them. All garments and fabrics are torn by the team’s costumes and everything looks filthy and punished due to the weather. For example, Bridger (Will Poulter) was a farm boy, so he wears homemade clothes; The appearance of Stubby (Joshua Burge) is taken from a painting by a trapper who wore pants to stripes and a blue jacket; Murphy (Kristoffer Joner) had a more European personality, inspired by the French for the cloak that leads; And the costume of Captain Henry (Domhnall Gleeson) is based on their actual clothing, currently exhibited in the Museum of the fur trade of Nebraska.

Delgado Paco by ‘The Danish girl’

Impressive! So the wonderful costumes for the Danish girl signed by the Spanish Paco Delgado. Paco debuted in Hollywood with Los Miserables, directed by Tom Hooper, for which was nominated for an Oscar and BAFTA.

Set in the 1920s, the film is starring by Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne, whose character undergoes a transformation for both costume and physical. At the beginning of the production designs are of Edwardian type, then color it invades everything. Her wardrobe is spectacular in perfect keeping with his character. The character of Vikander doesn’t care much about clothes, but is very feminine. I would say that it is my favorite to take the prize.

Jenny Beavan for ‘ Mad Max: Fury road ‘

Of all the nominees, the BAFTA Award has been the designer Jenny Beavan, so we’ll see what happens at the Oscars. The Londoner has been nominated nine times and already has an Oscar for A room with a view. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are the protagonists of the tape. The costumes for this production is very particular and different. The protagonists look always rags, harnesses, textiles… broken costumes fantasy, in keeping with the atmosphere of the tape, with a wild and visceral action scenes and wild.