These Are 7 Designers Who Have Won Our Hearts

080 catwalk has come to its end and has left us very good vibes and taste in the mouth. Barcelona have marched past several patriotic designers, showing that the Spanish talent is at the height of the of the fashion weeks international. From the most exuberant colors of Custo Barcelona to British classicism of Pablo Erroz, these are the seven designers of the 080 we would bear home with us.

Lidia Aguilera loa by

The collection is called Quiet Opulance and is full of easy-to-carry, basic colors and every day. However, these shades have been included in very elaborate designs and Rococo, full volume, ruffles and a long flight. In this way the designer has achieved a balance between exuberance and simplicity complicated. Not missed the trend note with bandanas around their necks and mesh socks on

Txell Miras

In its proposal for the next season, the creator has inspired American Indians and their aesthetics, with feathers, natural and resistant fabrics and many folds and volumes that are tight to the body by ropes and belts. The colors are basic and very neutral, with tassels and feathers and beaded jewel tones.

Miriam Ponsa

The designer has taken the typical costumes of the peoples of the Balkans and has adapted it to a style more oversized for their collection. The colors it has kept them in its more minimalist version, but the richness of the collection lies in another site. Tissues, with thousands of coats and materials, as satin, wool, felt or cotton. At first glance it may seem a simple and off collection, but that well has little: is the most elaborate views in this issue of the 080.

Custo Barcelona

The most international catalan designer repeated parade with its collection spring/summer 2017. Is one of the most daring and made firm proposals, with a lot of color, striking materials and much stronger silhouettes. Both shades and prints and designs remind much East and the Japanese style.

Pilar de el Campo

The most futuristic catwalk parade is 080, a long leather, metallic and modernist style. Up to the lips were plated! The designs in this collection are halfway between the British 80 and 90 of the Spice Girls, with leather jackets and coats of hair very grunge in acids and striking colors. We want this furry pink coat but already!!

Anel Yaos

The preppy style is reinvented and deconstructed full in this collection. Designer recovers some of its elements, as printed pictures, the Grandma shirts, collars baby-doll or frills and makes his own interpretation, very modern and crazy. It is like watching out, but in 2017.

Pablo Erroz

Meanwhile musicote, color, brightness and runaway trend, Pablo Erroz collection has been a breath of fresh air for lovers of minimalism and simplicity more classic. Your clothes are timeless, which can be in the closet for years while they are out of fashion. White shirts, sheep, raincoats and total blacks. Finally something you can put every day of the year!!