The Snow Fall-Winter Haute Couture of Elie Saab

I like how the white color for the winter!. It is fortunate that the mandameses of fashion have decided that White is trend This winter. Elie Saab knows how to use it.

These photos are from their Haute Couture fashion show that has just taken place in the Paris fashion week: glamour, femininity and master.

Lebanese birth and Parisian Office: an explosive mixture for a modern and sophisticated woman, every detail matters and excited. They are a fan of Saab.

The different looks seem to even frosty, as appropriate are the materials used in its manufacture. Sheer, satin, Pearlescent: made white voluptuousness.

Get that your slides mean much without showing anything, class and style that identified it as one of the best international designers is present in each of your garments.

White perfectly combines with the Silver: a perfect color for the fashion and accessories. The fabulous white coat top photo emulates delicately ball of ice with its beads and pearls, present in the entire collection.

Imagine this strapless evening dress without jacket Bullfighter with maxi-shoulder carrying as an adjunct: a show of snowflakes that appear to have a life of its own.

It’s a spectacular collection that deserves all possible praise, an impeccable job that turns to the woman who wears it in a winter sculpture.