The Second Shoe

Every bride has a spectacular pair of shoes. Although a priori can think that shoes will be very little on your wedding day the reality is that at the end, when you choose shoes that you fall in love, you end up teaching them much more than what you had imagined. At some point you arise you dress to show, there will be other times when your friends ask you to see the shoes and surely more than one guest lifts you a little dress back to see them unless you know…

During the preparations for your wedding and once you’ve bought those shoes that fell in love with you soul will reach one million questions. “do you bought me a shoe then?”. This question, like most associated with the wedding theme, has a very personal response. As I said in, if you’re in heels, you may clear that you won’t need to get 10 cm to enjoy throughout the party, now, if you’re return home barefoot and with them in the hand, it is clear that you have to carry a shoe then.
The truth is that the day you are the bride, you do not carry bag and have a place where to store everything that you desire so… why not make and bring a more comfortable shoes? A by itself perhaps. OK, Saturday coming from fiesta ses not the most comfortable option take a big bag so that some dancers and the heels when you change. And if you are from the North and add an umbrella in case it rains already know you what size star bags in winter… but let’s go back and as we said before, you are the bride and that day won’t have to load this so yes to the second shoe but then don’t you put it!!

I recognize that end up dancing barefoot to the María Jímenez is not a bad plan but is not plan suffer small silly accidents the day of your wedding’s style a cut with a glass, crash your toes at one of those treacherous legs having the table or take some other stomp without more protection than your skin… The second shoe is that friend that we have girlfriends when pain in the sole of the foot begins to be unbearable, and aysss friends!! better you resort to them at the right time because of foot pain is a point of no return. There is a point of pain that come to it gives like that you get the best shorebirds with air Chamber of the moment or that andes on clouds of cotton, have reached the point of “I walk in flat and resemble Chiquito de la Calzada” because that pain has already decided that it will not until you do not go to bed… Or until you take some to another drink, valuable option also.


The second shoe may be a shoe again, some comfortable pair that we have house or any new acquisition (do excuse for shopping? Noooo, going…!). We can not give more importance to the comfort or find something that you like very much. Some custom and footwear designed for the day of our wedding or one option more “wearable” then by the pay off some other costs… You can take advantage of the second shoe to follow the storyline in your wedding, to continue the look that you have chosen or make a nod to one of your favorite hobby… Or you can spend everything and take the first thing you encounter! First encounter but is convenient please this is the greater purpose of the second shoe: comfort. If second shoe, you will get a few plasticuchu ballerinas, shoes that are fair, some very rubber that makes you chafing… Instead of rest what your feet find themselves donning them will be an ordeal. In this I have no doubt and to choose between a second comfortable shoes and one nice, I prefer the comfortable. That Yes, the best combination already know it… footwear comfortable and nice! And cheap!

At this point… second shoes for the bride if or not? My answer is clear: Yes. Always. On the other hand, if the question is, the bride should be a second shoe? Maybe not, depends, perhaps, perhaps… And this is one of those questions that have no answer so far just because you can go to your wedding convinced of (among other things) that you won’t need to resort to the most comfortable footwear and suddenly find yourself begging someone you do them to search or it may be that you are convinced that the heels are for soon and be surprised yourself at 5 in the morning by removing you from the track of dance with them jobs…

And you, are a wedding’s second footwear?