The Right Party Outfit For The Festival

Every year the question arises of the optimal party outfit! What am I going to for the Christmas party with my colleagues, to punch with friends on Christmas and what in the Silvesternacht? Unfortunately I ask myself these questions, because of Advent calendar prepare, cook cookies, the planning for the Christmas dinner and of course the gift question, always a little too late. The result: I am at the decisive moment with a question mark over the head in front of the wardrobe.

Usually one has so all-purpose weapons in the closet to which one in such cases falls back, which however then but not to the current trend, the figure, mood or even want to fit at all. To make sure you do not like me, I asked our girls of the design as an inspiration to the shoot in a party outfit of your choice and asked you what they find very special on their party outfit.

Party outfit: Christmas party

Klaudia: “Sparkling details and shiny accessories are exactly mine. They often give the outfit the right whistle, so the gray sweater with the rhinestones to the plain black trousers and high shoes is my clear favorite. The outfit is perfect for the company’s Christmas parties, as it is neither overdressed nor underdressed. ”

Partyoutfit: New Year

Vanessa: “I am a big fan of dresses, so my choice fell immediately on the pink lace dress. Often you use habit rather to dark colors, if one is concerned, which Partyoutfit one would carry on the New Year’s Eve. Pink, on the other hand, creates a fresh and light look and ultimately just as elegant as the classic “little black”. ”

Franziska: “On New Year’s Eve, you can have a bit more fun in the party outfit. My favorite? Sequins! Of course in the right dosage, finally you would not like to go through as a discokugel. That’s why I’ve combined the sequined blazer with a black elegant trousers and a pink blouse. ”

Partyoutfit: Christmas with the family

Franziska: “The circle of the family is festive, but comfortable. Therefore the cuddly sweater in off-white is my first choice. I combine them with the patterned blouse and a striking chain. So I feel smart and yet not narrowed. After all, the relaxed togetherness is the focus. ”

Klaudia: “For the evening with my loved ones, I would also put on a cardigan. The sweater with artificial fur collar looks really elegant on a plain white top and accessories such as a statement chain or the shimmering clutch add additional highlights. ”

Partyoutfit: Christmas party with friends

Vera: “My party outfit for the Christmas Eve with friends has to be multifunctional, as it is usually not clear how the evening is designed. That’s why I decided to use the black knit sweater as an artificial leather skirt. I find the look, due to the top details on the sweater and the pattern of the skirt, casual and yet noble. Quasi feel-good and glam factor in one. A good alternative to the black top is the silver sweater. ”

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