The Right Dirndl Blouse: Playful

The right Dirndlbluse was not found by you yet? Or maybe you already have a home hang, but do not want to stroll in the same look as last year over the Wiesn? Then put yourselves now in the final final spurt for Oktoberfest once more on the game and shoots quickly a Dirndlbluse. To which aim you should direct your shotgun, you can find here.

The right Dirndl blouse for type A: simple

With Scandinavian designs, your heart hops higher?You can not find unusual color combinations and unnecessary tuning bones in your monochrome wardrobe?Then the following equation is obtained: Clean Chic Look + Dirndlbluse simple = great dirndl love.A white dirndl blouse perfectly complements your traditional midi dirndl .Especially a simple cotton blouse like Gitti by Julia Trentini or costume blouse Scarlet of god’s will underscore your minimalist style.

The right dirndl blouse for type B: playful

Puristic elegance does not come in your shopping bag?If you throw yourself into your , all guns should be driven up.And this also applies to the traditional costume blouse.Puffed sleeves, embroidery and ruffles – all at once!Then you should definitely keep your eyes open for these two beauties: Mabel is a flower-embroidered Dirndlbluse cream of Sportalm Kitzbühel , Noemi a black top blouse of Bergweiss.

Yay, it does not take much longer and you can run the perfect dirndl blouse as your latest shopping booty on the Wiesn.

How you can style your Dirndl blouse in everyday life, you will find in our style guide at naturegnosis.