The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Follow Fashion

The fashion of the sunglasses going to another rhythm to the garments. Even if brands want to introduce new models at the end are those who were already in force for a few seasons, hence a good purchasing decision we serve for a long time. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer they are still a favorite of many glasses.

Many are saying that they are no longer fashionable, who are a very repetitive glass but there remains, first between the famous, such as Rachel Bilson that keeps it for their Street looks and second among the streetstylers What are those who show much of the current fashion. And it is that it is a glass that favors much.

Rachel Bilson, a stalwart of the RAy-Ban Wayfarer model

Rachel Bilson usually it see with this type of glasses every time, already in its day it was celebrity that had more them and today is still committed by them while other celebrities prefer the maxi glasses retro style. A choice that is very consistent with his style.

The streetstylers remain faithful to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer

From what I see in the meantime look for street a favourite sunglasses of the streetstylers are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, the flier also would be at the top of the list, along with the maxi models, but the first are the Palm because they are in all kinds of looks and are very well. With a nice printed blouse For example.

To emulate a fashion icon is Kate Moss that takes on the t-shirt, celebritie who was also staunch of these glasses, now is less. A grey and black look.

With the printed dresses This season and some good boots almost to the knee. More sunglasses in black to match the rest of add-ins, including the dog.

The color of the Wayfarer most common is precisely that: the Black and it’s the easiest to combine because he sticks with almost everything. With a good scarf at the neck, a cardigan and shorts have the basic look of the street that lacks a t-shirt printed and a bag of mona to give a special touch to the whole.

The point eight jumpers They also have its combination with black since that red looks great when mixed with this color. That Yes, look with a wrap to prevent freezing.

The hair wraps more bulky and long also include a Wayfarer at the look of street.

Similar to the long dresses that it also opted for the more sober color in a nearly total black look.

We had until the end of the sunglasses Wayfarer to see in which many only carry like fashion, since they do not have the eye no diopter (somewhat absurd in itself). Others, fortunately, carry them because they need them.

This model of sunglasses get very good modern look that if we add a short jacket and we’ll go a long with a few boots just like game dress very sexy. Go to Extrareference for more.

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