The Perfect Look of the Man Louis Vuitton

Sure Mensencia coworkers have already taken note of the perfect look for this winter, but I want to focus on this: makes it the best dressed man of Louis Vuitton.

First, supplements are essential, the Watch that the French House has presented for this season is just amazing. Strap crocodile and aires sports. It is the first add-ins, because the shawl (which this year celebrates its twentieth birthday), fit it men perfectly. Logical, if they are like this of wool and silk with the monogram.

The keepall can not miss. Either the classic or new version of silicone.

I love the Messenger bag combined with the blue jersey. It is clear, it is the mixture of the season, black and blue. Clean gloves and a wool or satin pants. Sport casual, chic… choose the adjective you want, but it is perfect.

I don’t like the wool hat, I’m sorry. I like nearly so much as the copy of the New Balance that we saw a few days ago.

In the gallery you can see all the details. Impeccable shoes, black trench coats, and long leather for the sport jackets. What do you think?

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