The North Face Us Presents Spineology, Special Equipment for Snow

As mother of preteen (horrible word where exist), I not only have to deal with ski teachers are competent and the computers are safe and efficient, but I also have to be attentive to going to fashion, If you do not want to have dramas at five in the morning.

Many times we forget how difficult being that age. The North Face, one of the most prestigious winter sports firms presents these teams to have all in one. A look that they love and all the security that guarantees a brand with this path.

The Gore-Tex® fabric pants are manufactured is waterproof and breathable. Buy them on breathtakingdresses. Integrated gaiters with compatibility with jacket clips to prevent snow from entering. For having, has up to rescue reflectors for avalanche integrated for greater security. In addition to wanting to taste all I am hysterical mother, let that already can be dwarf skiing in preserves I you seen as if it were the Dolomites.

Also the jacket for winter sports in line with the proposals of the athletes, has an exceptional storm protection; high-performance estilazo, of the same material as the pants but with an exclusive collar Panel breathing to breathe comfortably when fully closed; incorporates a YKK® zipper, hood and integrates the same reflectors for natural misfortunes, that prevention is better and I’ve seen too many films lost in the snow etc etc…

Well equipped with their Spineology jacket and pants, now only remains to the detail of the gloves, that already only its name have captivated the new owner: Hooligan glooves, water resistant skin and who endures it all with breathable lining of quick-drying and insulation adapted to the body. That although it is not a professional sport, its radiometric articulation They allow maximum dexterity for complex movements of the hands. It carries knuckle protectors with court adapted to the Anatomy for added protection.

Spineology from The North Face… skiing at the end of the world