The Nordisk Kokomo Is a Group Experience

You schedule a tour with up to eight people and do not carry with four small tents? Then, McTREK recommends a group tent. No matter whether you have a large family, organize a rowing tour with young people or take a women’s or Mr trip with your best friends, the Nordisk Kokomo group tent houses it all. So a camping holiday will be long remembered.

The sense of community which develops as a ride in a tent, is irreplaceable. You have to experience just that. Leave the small two person tents easy times at home and get on the Nordisk Kokomo group tent.

The Nordisk Kokomo group tent

We times from the bottom started. The ground is never wet from the inside unless it has it is knocked over a drink. Because the Nordisk Kokomo group tent has a ground sheet of tarpaulin. This waterproof fabric is sewn to the tent down, also can not slip so. So, luggage, mats and sleeping bags to prevent moisture are protected. The tent dwellers remain dry naturally from above. However, it is important that there is a good environment for group camping. Thus, a cotton fabric for the flysheet of the best solution is here. It regulates the temperature and is breathable. This tent fabric is very weatherproof and can withstand long persistent rain. Walking we now times as the best case, the continuous sunshine, good ventilation is the be-all and end-all in a group tent. Two doors at the front and at the back, ensure a perfect ventilation. There are also four large Windows, which are equipped with mosquito nets and fabric store and ventilation, as well as a sufficient incidence of light. If many people under one roof, the Poles should be very stable. Therefore, they are made of sturdy steel and withstand even strong winds. Total d convincesas tent in its simplicity and price.

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