The Look Right: Coat, Pants and Boots

We always give prominence to combinations of clothes that bring classical elements mixed with more modern and casual pieces, after all these are the most versatile looks, able to dress the guy who is on his way to a meeting or starting a day’s work, but we can never let go of the compositions that dress the man in moments of relaxation, rest or even an adventure outdoors. This week’s example shows how this is possible without losing the style.

Why does it work?
We can start talking about the combination of colors, the Union military green cargo pants with the navy of the Cardigan, almost a Cardigan, the two-tone married well and kept the palette look cold, taking advantage of the neutrality of the grey Jersey blend. It stands out for the Brown-toned leather and stitching the model, similar to a moc boot has this footprint “adventure” that blends well with the rest of the look and suggests something thought to be used in the air livrec, but you can quietly be reserved for indoor hot and comfortable clothes thanks to the touch stripped given by the coat.

Is the warning for those who are not used to wear pants: always use the model with flat pockets, the pockets bag type add a lot of volume to silhouette, and don’t even think about putting anything in those pockets, that’s going to leave their huge and disproportionate thighs!

The solution of the half was also great: instead of trying to reconcile the colors of the boot and pants, the guy from for a half and wasted no time with this detail. The result was completely in line with the rest of the look.

Try …
complement the look with a scarf on windy days or a hat to protect from the cold. Can also be a good use a bag to load canvas postman objects of everyday life, the model looks good with that kind of clothing. A belt in color of the boot will give a nice finish to the set.

It wouldn’t be the same if …
We replaced the pants for a pair of jeans, the combo would be much more urban and lose a little of the “mood” adventurer.

In short:
Sometimes it’s also good to have a look “adventure” kept up his sleeve;
Olive green and navy, army and Navy, the two marry well, can use without fear;
Moc boots are great when you want to give an air of adventure to look;
Cargo pants are those ideals with pockets flat, i.e. no volume;
Lightweight fabric scarves and bags, canvas complement the visual;
Leave the jeans outside this time.
Additional tips
For fat -Change your pants post for chinos in the same color, even the flat pockets, are a danger to you and call a lot of attention to your legs.

For short -attention to trouser bars, don’t let embolarem, not the fold too much not to shorten the legs in both cases. Boots tratoradas will lend you a few more centimeters, invest in them!

For altões -use the coat open, cut the silhouette given by the shirt and pants you favor, watch very thick-soled boots, you do not need to gain more stature at Clothesbliss.